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  1. I have a set. The sound quality is improved. Mine have started giving me an intermittent problem in that they won't turn on until I take the batteries out and reinstall. Doesn't happen all the time, just enough to be annoying.
  2. What's the bottom of the comp rubbing on, on the side there?
  3. I believe Eagle sold all the parts to Global, but I may be mistaken. The regular K100 backstraps should fit, I believe
  4. The aggressive texture, if you like the feel of machine cut 20LPI. If it's too sharp, you can always hit the points with a little abrasive and round them.
  5. I have seen more removal in the past. Double check your measurements, but it's not out of the realm of possibility
  6. Are you anticipating modification to the holster to clear the optic and mount?
  7. Cut the rear dovetail to a flat pocket and solder/braze in a Bo-Mar style base, or something like the Wilson no dovetail sight https://shopwilsoncombat.com/Lo-Mount-Adjustable-Rear-Sight-Standard-Blade/productinfo/428W/
  8. I'm curious if their grip texture is actually effective at all; I feel like there's a ton of alternatives that would be significantly more grip than the small dimples with lots of space between. Definitely curious to see what you think
  9. WhiteDingo

    Production legal?

    So, basically, you had the bushing installed. I've seen responses from at least one AD on here that they wouldn't even question it at a match.
  10. I bet there's still some weight to be lost in the slide under the red dot plate.
  11. Just saw one come in recently at a local store; I was told they waited a while for it to arrive, 8+ months
  12. I have yet to see it listed there. The first batch they got in was only 10 pistols, I think. They posted on social media that they had some in stock at one point, but I don't think they have any standing inventory yet.
  13. I did not lose any round count in the mags, but seating the last round became slightly more stiff, because you remove some room from the rounds stacking laterally. I adjusted until the top cartridge in the magazine was directly supported underneath, with multiple cartridges in the magazine. There are threads I used for reference: (Jim Anglin's post in the last thread was a godsend) Here's a thread on the control/transition rib on Czechmate mags, which have a similar issue:
  14. If you insert the just magazine tube, does the catch protrude into the tube when locked? I have not experienced that phenomenon. I use two round brass rods in the control ribs and squeeze with a bench vise. The body springs back a bit, so you'll likely need to try it a couple times to get the adjustment correct.
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