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  1. WhiteDingo

    Zentih - Tisas Commander

    The Kimber pistols don't use a Series 80 firing pin block, they have a Swartz style safety activated off the grip safety. The trigger pull isn't affected like a series 80 gun is. I have handled exactly one Tisas gun and wasn't terribly impressed. But if you're in a budget, it may be good enough.
  2. WhiteDingo

    Pre upgrade trigger shoe in Post upgrade pistols?

    Sig didn't swap any of the X flat triggers out on the guns we sent back; you should be fine
  3. I don't know if they have them available anymore. Caspian doesn't even have them available; last I called they directed me to MBX or another place that might have old stock of the Italian mags left. That being said, Tanfo magazines can be modified to match the top profile if the Caspian and will work, as was pointed by MikeBurgess
  4. Yes, it's a Caspian/Foster High Capacity frame, using the new production Caspian(MecGar OEM I believe) magazines that came with the silver tool-less extensions. The 170mm magazine has now been through 2 monster matches and 3 locals, running flawlessly
  5. WhiteDingo

    Slide Racker

    The dovetails are very different sizes, so a standard zigracker or the like will not work in the wider M&P dovetail
  6. WhiteDingo


    I've been really enjoying the HiperFire grip I've been trying out recently. I have large hands and long fingers, and the reach is perfect. As others have pointed out, grips are very subjective, so your experience may vary.
  7. WhiteDingo

    MGW Sight Tool

    The Sight Pro was worth every penny in a professional setting, being as inserts are much cheaper than whole new tools. If you are thinking it will be used more than a few times in the future, then it makes a lot of sense. If it's a once or twice tool, having a local shop do it, if you have anyone local, would be more cost effective
  8. WhiteDingo


    That sure as heck looks like their standard Para style frame in the photos, so I'm curious as to the whole magwell/frame arrangement as well. STI mags can be used successfully in Para guns in some cases, others require adjustments.
  9. WhiteDingo

    Luth-AR MBA-1 - Alternate Buttpad setup?

    I have taken a KickEez pad and ground it down to fit the profile of the Luth stocks. A Pachmayr or Limbsaver grind to fit pad would also work, provided they don't have a steel backer plate inside. The Luth profile is too small for those particular pads.
  10. Saw this announced yesterday, thought I would share and get opinions. Information is obviously scant right now, but I think there might be some promise. I'm not sold on the aesthetics, but it at least appears to be a nice light slide. https://www.recoilweb.com/brand-new-from-nemo-arms-monark-pistols-142873.html
  11. WhiteDingo

    Production P320 X5 complete

    Springer magazine release? Doesn't look the same color as stock What sort of accuracy were you getting that you weren't satisfied?
  12. Thought that I would share my experience with the new TF 170 extension on my 9 Major Caspian open gun with the new style 21rd magazines. The mag would hold 28 (115 HAP loaded to 1.170) using a Gram's 13 coil follower kit on a tuned tube, but the last couple rounds were sticking or very tight; the OAL in the extension is obviously not designed for cartridges loaded this long. I ended up sticking it in the mill and taking .015" off the rear wall of the pocket (an extra length 1/4" endmill was used). Clearances the cartridges fine now. If you're using a longer OAL, you'll need more removed; if loading shorter than 1.170 you'll likely be fine. Lockup in the frame was a little iffy with the extension installed; it was impacting the frame on the forward half of the extension. Couple of quick cuts with a bastard file on the leading edges of the bevel and voila! Initial testing of the magazine, only 100 rounds, was excellent. No issues on the transition between extension and magazine, no hangups on cartridge presentation.
  13. WhiteDingo

    P320 Porn Picture Thread

    What mount is that? Not something I've seen.
  14. WhiteDingo

    170 LG Frame Base pads Now AVAILABLE!

    I will be testing one of these this week with the Gram's follower and spring in my 9 Major Caspian open gun; I will update with results. It does, however, hold 28 rounds loaded to 1.170" with 115gr HAP when installed on a Caspian tube.
  15. WhiteDingo

    Classic division question

    I would consider the bottom photo a ball radius stirrup cut. Here's a discussion on Butler cuts: As long as your dust cover doesn't extend more than 75mm from the rear of the slide stop pin, any style stirrup cut should be acceptable