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  1. I have used magazine catch buttons for 1911s as carrier release extensions on a number of Benellis. Dawson has theirs for $12.99 It's not exactly like the one pictured, but not far off.
  2. I've removed those corners on a number of grip frames for customers for that very reason. It's not an unusual complaint for those with a high grip.
  3. WhiteDingo

    P320 X5 Thread

    It's been Cerakoted. The metal parts are all in the GunCandy Kraken finish.
  4. WhiteDingo

    P320 X5 Thread

    Left to right: My old X5, new style X5 from early 2018 (employee gun), new style X5 from mid 2018 (rental gun), new unfired X5 from end of 2018 (November/DecemberI think) They all measured very similarly. From the front of the chamber to the rear of the barrel (at lower stepped area), they all measured between .583" and .588" (mine). Minus the closest visual approximation of the depth of the bevel, which appears (using the depth protrusion on the end of the SPI dial caliper) between .053-.060" deep depending on the barrel, I ended up with a supported length of between .527-.531" The three guns on the left have many thousands of rounds through them.
  5. WhiteDingo

    P320 X5 Thread

    I'll measure a couple at the shop today for you. I have my old (silver barrel) X5 in the car and I'll grab a couple of new ones as well.
  6. Bummer about the Romeo 1. I've had a couple of customers have theirs start to drift over time, but none of the battery issues. Slide ride optics get beat. Frame mounted R1 on my open gun just chugs along. Any progress on the Sight Tracker project?
  7. Very true. But you're assuming IDPA rules make sense, which is a big step in a lot of cases I've heard all sorts of calls at larger matches in regards to equipment and firearms parts, so it's hard to say what the verdict would be at any given match. As you pointed out, removing the extended catch would moot this whole discussion. Jeff O, I'm also an IDPA CSO, and he makes a valid point. The rule, as written, is in reference to modification of a firearm. If it comes stock, then it's not really a modification, is it? And oversized in diameter from what point on the catch? The next sentence (8.1.7E) references factory slide machining being allowed, but D makes no such mention of factory or not, so I would agree with the interpretation of not allowed at all. Doesn't mean it makes much sense though.
  8. IDPA specifies that you may have a magazine catch extended from the frame up to .200", but it may not have an oversized button (8.1.7D)
  9. WhiteDingo

    P320 X5 Thread

    All range pickup brass, multiple headstamp and wear. Certain headstamps(internal step, etc) removed, final stuff case gauged. I understand about factory ammo not being feasible. They found a solution that they were "happy" with. I can't recall: Did you experience the issue with factory ammo (or new brass) as well? I'm curious if maybe you're seeing the issue due to fatigued brass, weak case web, etc., or if it is across the board.
  10. WhiteDingo

    P320 X5 Thread

    I have an early silver barrel X5 that has tens of thousands of rounds through it that has never experienced this issue. I have a customer with a later X5 (black barrel, post update) that I have installed 4 new extractors in, and blown cases similar to this. I am almost sure that this gun is an ammunition issue, as the customer does not have problems with factory ammo and has relegated the X5 to factory only. I was unable to duplicate their issues through 500+ rounds of factory ammo and 200 of my 145gr coated handloads, and then it blew another extractor 120 rounds back into their ammo.
  11. Is the reset of the Shadow trigger bar upwards just soft, or is it visibly slower when compared to the SP01? Are the mating surfaces between the trigger bar and sear (or FPB lever) causing any drag, or is there anything in the ejector/sear cage interfering with the upward movement? I have seen a couple of guns where the trigger bar stutters a little on the way up from poor surface finish
  12. Yeah, the triggers aren't great. The standard groups can be cleaned up and made better to an extent, but the PSG is just a whole different animal. The Franklin binary offering isn't any worse than the HK/factory group, but also isn't any better in semi, which is a shame.
  13. I have been running the Brownell's LW BCG (with an added adjustable gas key) and it has been great. Have the AIM LW carrier in another rifle, and I agree that the Brownell's is finished nicer/more visually appealing. Functionally I doubt there's a difference.
  14. I'm not Doug, obviously, but I've been very pleased with the PTR 9 we have as a post sample for rent at the range. Tens of thousands of rounds and it just chugs along great. No parts coming loose or breaking, accuracy is still good, and the trigger has finally smoothed out! I detail stripped it the other day for cleaning and swapped in a new extractor spring out of an abundance of caution. Our MPX eats through extractor springs like they're going out of style. Ate disconnector springs on the trigger as well until I swapped out the milspec arrangement.
  15. WhiteDingo

    P320 X5 Thread

    Unless you're not in the US, like him. Australia if I recall. Dansedgli I believe the X5 barrels will be close to a drop in, but might require a touch of fitting. Bar-Sto has aftermarket barrels available for the X5 if you're unable to source a factory barrel. Not sure about the export of barrels though, you'd have to look into it.
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