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  1. That sounds like a good start. Do you have a measurable difference in mag body width after the squish?
  2. WhiteDingo

    320 X5 Questions

    For grip treatment I could see problems getting any real weight, sure. I'd be curious about using in conjunction with a thin adhesive to make a replacement grip weight; sort of like a cold cast statue.
  3. WhiteDingo

    320 X5 Questions

    Dan, what about using tungsten powder used f for weighting golf club handles? Not sure what availability is like in Australia, but it's pretty prevalent in the states. There's a standard weight, which is about like lead powder, and the more dense variety.
  4. With the slide off, can you duplicate the problem? Are you sure the gun is reassembled correctly? I'm not trying to be critical, but if something is not back together correctly, or say something is sticking out where it shouldn't be, that will cause issues.
  5. It's entirely possible that your new hook height is causing the sear to hit the safety/half cock notch on the hammer. Similar to having an overtravel screw adjusted incorrectly. If you pull the trigger until the hammer just releases, and then manually lower the hammer, do you feel it catching a little on the stroke?
  6. One of the benefits of the P10F, if you want to think of it this way, is that a backup or replacement firearm isn't nearly the investment another SP01 or Shadow would be. If you're going to switch, makes sense to do it before Area 4 if you have the time to acclimate to the striker from DA/SA
  7. I would assume the tube clamp socket would be the Nordic one designed for the clamp, but I could be wrong. TTI and GG&G both make stock plates with a QD socket.
  8. For multiple holsters on my Open/3 Gun ELS belt, I use the Safariland QLS brackets and forks. Like the ELS, but sized larger for holster mounting
  9. You might be able to make weight and shoot in ESP with some creative internal modification/weight removal, but it's probably in the extreme end of the cost/benefit scale. It's been done with a Dan Wesson PM-C for CCP, but that was only about 1.5oz. over with a mag.
  10. That's terrible. Unless the gunsmith has an epiphany and realizes that "creepy" and "crisp" are not synonymous, I would push for a refund.
  11. Offhand, it might be possible that the extended barrel won't be able to drop in the slide with the tighter fit bushing. The 10X bushing does make seating the barrel in the slide fully more of an exercise with some slides.
  12. If it's Cajunized, did you install the new hammer pins that Cajun has? They're designed to work with their hammer. If you can push the pin back in by hand, it's not tight enough in the hole.
  13. That looks like the screw on the rear of the barrel for the ejector assembly. Just had one apart to Cerakote. If that's missing, the spring and ejector itself are likely gone as well. Parts 14-16 on this page Numrich Gun Parts
  14. It has been opened up to accommodate quad loading, but not lengthened much at all
  15. I shoot an original SBE and don't feel disadvantaged at all in matches. The larger port for 3.5" loads actually feels somewhat nicer to me. The difference between the two, other than 3" vs. 3.5", is the receiver/barrel design. The M2 is a one piece receiver, the SBE is a 2 piece with the upper half attached to the barrel.
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