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Primer Tube FYI!

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If you ever have priming issues with your Dillon machine first place to start is making sure the primer tube is clean. After being on hold for 50 minutes this was where he told me to start. As you can see primers are filthy!!! Would have never guessed it but the first pass when the q tip started comIng out I would have never believed it would be that dirty.


Tight Groups


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Never cleaned a primer filler tube or primer magazine tube one on my 550 but my 1050 made me a convert. I will try whatever it takes. I've smashed more primers using my 1050 in one month than I did in 16 years with my 550.

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The yellow residue is priming compound, right? Just pure speculation, but I wonder if a really contaminated feed tube in the press contributes to the rare blowups you hear about when loading in a hundred new primers.

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