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Near Sighted Shooting


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Back when I used to compete I had 20/20 or better vision. Now that I'm an old man (50 on Good Friday) I wear glasses for distance. When I wear my glasses I can't focus the front sight. So in my first match I didn't wear my prescription glasses and I was pretty much OK on full target, steel and even partial hardcover targets where the hard cover was symmetrical (i.e. Shoot for the center of the brown part.) But when the brown part was at odd angles I had a problem. Not to mention I couldn't see a hit (or miss) anywhere especially later in the match as the targets had tape on them.

I know one fix would be to go Open and use a dot and if I decide to stick around I will next year but I' going to stick around Single Stack this year. I am replacing the front sight this weekend with a red fiber fiber optic to see if that allows me to use my prescription lens.

But does anyone have any other ideas? I've thought about a contact in just my left (non-dominate) eye but I figure that would either make my eye dominance switch or just make me fall down.

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I bought a pair of glasses that focus so that the front sight is sharp, and the background

is a LITTLE fuzzy - guess it centers around 3-5 feet out - pretty good compromise for

me - both lenses are the same.

After 15 yards, things get fuzzier, but still better than without glasses, and the front sight

is still SHARP. :cheers:

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I wear bifocals so I can help keep score with our Palm Pilots. My buddy clued me in to what's worked great for me. Right lens is set for computer monitor distance, left lens set for distance. The front sight is crystal clear and I can see the targets well too. The bifocals allow me to read & keep score on the range. Even though this works perfecty & older shooters ask about my prescription, no one I know has taken my advice. Many shooters I know try trifocals & try to find the middle lens while shooing. I also have tried that & found it excrutiatingly slow. Hope this helps. BTW, my optician had never made glasses like these & was amazed that they worked so well.

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I used that method for years, only downfall to it is that for some people they just can't do it. They get headaches, some loss of balance and other various problems. Only way to see is to try it. If it works OK for you you'll be very impressed with the end result.

Mine weren't bifocals, right lens prescription was adjusted so that the front sight was clear and the left was set for best distance vision.

If you search, there was a multi page discussion on the same topic in the last 3 or 4 months.

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I'm the opposite in that I'm far sited and can no longer see the front site. I wear reading glasses to read and tried using them under my shooting glasses, I also could not see if I was hitting or missing the targets until it came time to score.

I found a set of stick- on Lenses that would stick to the inside of my shooting glasses, It seem to work pretty well but I had a few times where the lens fell off durning a match. These lenses stuck to your shooting glasses with a simple drop water, I'm assuming that the water would dry but allowing the lens falloff the shooting glass on the hot summer day.

The Last trip to the eye doctor I told him my problem and he suggested using a single contact with the power for my reading glasses placing the contact in my shooting eye allows me to see the sites and not have to think about alignment of the lens and sites or any of those problems associated with that.

Where ever my eye and head position is ....is where I can see. This works pretty well it also allows my left eye to still see distant targets for hit feed back!

Hope this might help

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