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I know this is probally a DUMB QUESTION, gonna ask anyway.

Comp shooters and hoarders have bought every primer in E Tenn & dealer stocks.

I got a case of the "Hillbilly Dumb AZZZZ" and didn't buy small rifle primers, but have a couple Thousand Federal Magunum Small Pistol Primers.

Compareing with calibers, average difference was about .001 heigth.

Give me your thoughts and IDEAS, please.



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if you value your rifle,face,fingers etc. DO NOT use pistol primers in a rifle even subsonic loads should be Rifle Primers...

you can go the other way but pressures in the rifles are too high to even think about using pistol primers..has to do with primer cup hardness Pistol cups are softer or we would have simply used Mag primers in our .38Supers instead of small rifle primers when we reached the old PF of 175+

Estimate about 20,000 +/- PSI difference between .38Super and a .223 Rem. !

Look for someone who is willing to trade those primers for some Small Rifle Primers


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What the other said, don't use them in rifle.

Maybe you talk to some of your local open class shooters to see if you could horse trade the small magnum pistol for small rifle primers.

I use small rifle for open, but can use small magnums in their place without a problem. If you were in my area I would to a 1:1 trade for your Fed SPM primers.

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THANKS, for your replies.

I have about two thousand .223s loaded for the coming year Three Gun.

Also a case of new, should be ok but need to restock.

Also knew that was a dumb QUESTION. LOL

Got all wound up in three gun this past year, but also looks like it's gonna be a disappointment too!

With the best Goverment Money will buy, hard to predict the future of gun sports. IDPA & USPSA SC is keeping quiet as a mouse, but I got notices to re-up my dues. Imagine that!

Maybe trade MR-1 & AR-15s in on high speed SLING SHOTS. OH WELL!

Thanks, be SAFE.


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