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CR Speed belt closure


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Last time I buckled a holster belt on in USPSA anger was 20 years ago and it was a simple buckle affair.

Enter my new CR Speed belt....

The overlap on the inner belt goes.......in back? Same with the outer?

My life use to be so simple, buckle belts, 3 TV channels and a black rotary phone attached to the wall with a cord........ :eatdrink:

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It depends on which division. Open/limited/limited 10/revolver, overlap in the back. Production/single stack overlap in the front.

It's all a matter of real estate.

BTW, wasn't USPSA more difficult "in the old days"? Didn't reloading a flintlock make double taps difficult? :roflol:

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depends on the division you are playing in.

production and single stack requires all gear behind hip so overlap in front to give belt realestate round the back for mag pouches.

open and limited where gear can be worn forward may require overlap in the back.

edit, too slow

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I went through the same with the whole where in the h@ll do I wrap this thing. Took me about 4 configurations to find the one I liked best. Probably end up trying a fifth or more when my pouches show up. Just keep playin with it, hopefully it will take you less times than me!

Good choice for a belt though, I like mine a lot so far :cheers:

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For production, I actually found it beneficial to overlap the inner belt on the holster side, to push the holster out just that extra bit further.

I like this idea. My wife always sticks a wash cloth right there...not so much to push it out, but to keep the holster off her bone. I think the overlap of the inner could help. Thanks.

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