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  1. No, just too expensive, bad exchange rate and all. (and my sponsor stole my gun)
  2. no, but random question, 2014 bc/wapc was the 35th, how is this the 40th only 4 years later?
  3. hopefully nowhere as 6 months is not enough notice, nra need to pull finger, this should have been announced a year ago.
  4. results from the NZ nationals run over the weekend. open - Kevin Angstadt (USA) 1916-164x metallic - Chris Mathiou (AUS) 1871-111x production - Jay Belamy (NZ) 1794-103x bring on the worlds!!! 2016 PNZ Action Pistol National Championship.pdf
  5. just curious if any one shooting just one gun might want to shoot on sunday only. maybe go sight seeing Saturday or if you are in a rush to load ammo and get down in time???
  6. kim Richard is the best person to help with the reloading as he's setting up a press for the wapc and has some components. I have a square deal you are welcome to use but no 650 sorry
  7. going to go with a no. nothing in pm's from you. email me harbourdeep@msn.com
  8. New Zealand Action Pistol Nationals online entry available now https://www.pistolclub.co.nz/ link at bottom of home page.... due to the wapc a week later this will be a very relaxed event see you all there peter
  9. if you want a lazy whites man pronunciation it's wong-ga-ray and yes standard cap mags are fine
  10. pick one up from midway for $30
  11. jimmy bout 1hr 45mins. its 130 km. range is directly opposite the Hamilton airport if you want to google it.
  12. raffle was drawn at agm last june, some guy I don't know won it. bianchi might be up in the air at the mo for me, will let you know on that one, but might just do cash on the day.
  13. for those that maybe interested in shooting another match while you are on the other side of the world for the wapc, I will be running the NZ Action Nations on October 29-30 in Hamilton this will give those that are planning on coming early to practice and/or sight see plenty of time to travel the 4 hours up to Whangarei on the 31st when their ranges opens for practice. this will be a relatively low key event and depending on interest may have to limit numbers due to mover time over the 2 days. entry details will be posted early February on the pistolnz website and will be an online entry. will update here also. if you have any questions please feel free to ask. peter
  14. rumour had it as top 20 open and top 4 met and prod, guess we'll find out on Jan 1st when the entries come out.
  15. try loosening the bottom screw, I had to back my almost right out and it holds fine.
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