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  1. Just bought a nice 6” new to me Limited gun .40 late this fall with the thought of getting back in the game but between super limited available ammo and seemingly nonexistent primers, it looks like it was a wrong time to jump back in so I may just now sell it...
  2. Yeah, just an old boomer relic like me, time to head out on the pack ice on a cold night.......
  3. Thank you. I drew my pistol out of this holster so many times 30 years ago anything else just feels strange.
  4. Looking at the rules all I can find is distance to inside of belt and height over belt . TIA.
  5. ESTP Where are the other 9 ESTPers and we'll party! Took the test many years ago and [at least for me] it's pretty accurate. [nice pun]
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