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The perfect barrel?

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If you were able to design the perfect barrel in .223 what would it look like?

What length? 16", 17", 18" or longer?

What chamber spec?

What gas system?

What gas port size?

What profile?

Fluted or not?

What twist? 1:7 or 1:8? Is there a down side to 1:7 if you will never shoot anything lighter than 55gr?

Does material matter to you?

Does chrome lining matter either way to you? If it does, why?

Does the crown angle matter?

What overall weight is your goal for the perfect barrel?

I wonder if there is consensus based on fact or is there just a bunch of opinions that will be all over the place?

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The most important question is intended use. For my do it all rifle it was a 14.5in Noveske afgan mid gas/weight. For multi gun only I'm thinking lightweight 18in. For carbine classes perhaps a 14.5in chrome lined. Lots of variables and personal preferences.

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I'm extremely happy with my MSTN 17" rifle-gas precision barrel. It's made by Noveske and weighs 34oz stripped. The JLT (Just Like Taran) version has fluting that shaves another 1oz off.

It's sub-MOA accurate, made of the tougher-than-most Noveske steel, is as light as can be made and still keep that accuracy, has a very light recoil impulse, and is short enough for most barricade-heavy stages.

The ONLY thing I'd do is order another one, but Wes says he's sold out. And my only complaint about it is the price, but after having done the calculations, it turns out that Wes is merely passing on most of the base cost of the Noveske barrel.

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