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  1. Dude, you jinxed me! I'm sorry. Maybe next month.
  2. Congrats guys. Good luck with the race to a class.
  3. I broke a lifter by doing that. That was all the excuse I needed to put in a DMW easy lifter. It sucks but that is the results of an old design.
  4. Age has some benefits , When In Doubt , Go with the Best. and you went with the best available at this time. When Cost is the first restriction , a person should Rethink or postpone a purchase until they can look at the entire situation. Congrats on good path picks, you will progress quickly and make up your extra front end investment in you future of competing. You sound like my grandfather. He would tell me when I was a child to always buy the best you can afford. And never throw money away.
  5. I just wish it had marks every mil instead of every 2.5 mils. The fire dot is very bright on my vx-r.
  6. We shot CM 99-08 Melody line this past weekend. Time was ok but I put a shot 1" into the black. Score would have been a 63% instead it is a 46% and I would guess my overall percentage will go down a little.
  7. And maddox's classifier shows as 12AL, which is not a classifier I can find. I'd inform the MD at the Alabama Sectional and/or your Sectional Coordinator as something is clearly wrong. It is better than some of my scores that are on there now.
  8. They counted my AL sectional scores as a classifier. Too bad I shot so poorly.
  9. I only shot one match this month so mine will not be changing.
  10. If it is as bad as it was 4 years ago you will be glad you stocked up. You couldn't buy primers anywhere for months.
  11. Don't forget Gun Cat Rose Action Sports Triangle Shooting Sports
  12. That is going to depend on how familiar you are with mils. The bdc reticle does not do it for me. I would much rather have the mil hash markings. I know that my bullet drops x-mils at 475 yds. Hold over and fire. Just my personal opinion. I also have a couple long range rifles that are based around mils so that is where my comfort zone is.
  13. I am assuming you are refering to a set of back up iron sights as putting offset sights would be pointless. I don't think it will be an issue. I don't consider iron sights to be an "optic"
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