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Dang, M&P .22


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I have run 3 boxes of federal 550 bulk pack through this M&P and haven't been able to have any malfunctions, no FTF, no FTE. It may be my fault, I haven't cleaned it, since I bought it.

Just stuck a fiber on the front and started shooting. :surprise:

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Mine has run flawlessly also. The first time out I loaded the magazine with 10 different 22 rimfire rounds and it cycled them all with out a hick-up.

My only complaint is it only came with one magazine, and they seem to be tough to come by.


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Things you may want to know about the M&P .22

It does not have interchangible backstraps like the centerfire M&Ps

It is almost the same size as the centerfire M&P....It is tight in the BladeTech that I have set up for my M&P Pro

Mags are rare at this point and you only get one with the gun

It is built by Walther and has a lot in common with a P22. For instance, if you have a thread adapter for a P22 barrel it works on the M&P .22

To me it looks like the front sight dovetail is different from the centerfire versions.

Don't take these as complaints, I am happy with mine. It shoots great. Just some observations.

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Yall got lucky. Mine is a hunk of junk, it won't run. Just got it back from smith and wesson where they "fixed it",

they knocked the dot out of the front sight and didn't replace the magazine, so it still won't run.

Aggravating to say the least, and it has burned me on Smith and Wesson

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Although my .22 is getting much better with Federal bulk after 3K rounds, at first it hated them. one or two FTE per mag.

The Remington golden bullet works flawlessly! It is also noticeably more powerful. It says it has the same FPS but it is NOT.

Also the Federal shoots POI, and the Remington shoots 2" lower.

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