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  1. GlockCanMan

    VP9-B OR?

    Bayou, Did you ever call H&K and ask about the VP9B OR status?
  2. While I reload most of my ammo, I do keep some factory ammo on hand for when I don't have time to reload. This 150gr syntech works well in all of my guns. I reload with the 147gr. bullet anyway, and it meets power factor without excess power. CZ's, H&K VP9L, M&P...they all like it. If I stopped reloading I would shoot this exclusively for matches.
  3. GlockCanMan

    VP9-B OR?

    I haven't seen any B models in the optic ready version. However if I did, I would grab one immediately.
  4. I just got one this last weekend at the IDPA world match for a M&P. Haven't tried it yet. Will probably wait till next weekend to try it out.
  5. I actually had to fly half way across the country multiple times to get all these points. geography coincidence had nothing to do with it.
  6. I got into Worlds with 14 points. A lot of money was spent on hotels and flights to qualify for this. They did announce in advance that it would be on the points system, and I wanted to make sure I would make it. While I don't didn't get any trophies, I made it possible for others to come in 1st place.
  7. I would also like to suggest that you avoid shipping during the holiday season...just too many packages in the system. And as suggested earlier always pay with credit card so that you can dispute / stop payment if there are any problems.
  8. Bayou bullets 147gr. bullets should give you a little more play room.
  9. GlockCanMan

    VP9 base pads

    I am not sure about the XDM pads either, but I have used the metal ones from HKparts.net and I like them a lot.
  10. Chewy, Where are you getting your brass from? Is it just range brass that you are picking up from the field?
  11. I concur...it is legal for both SSP and ESP in IDPA
  12. I like my shockwave. I have the OPSol adapter on mine, and I have not yet had any problems with it, although I haven't tried using slugs through it yet.
  13. I normally shoot the 147gr FP, and those bullets have a little bevel on the bottom of each round. My question is do the 147gr RN bullets have the same bevel, or not? Looking at the picture on their website I am leaning toward them not having one. Can anyone verify this?
  14. I think you are being too paranoid about this. If it is from a reputable manufacturer then don't worry about it.
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