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  1. Trying to find out if a +2 pinky mag extension will still fit in the CCP box.
  2. GlockCanMan

    Anyone shoot the VP9SK in IDPA CCP?

    I am trying to find out if any of the pinky mag extensions will still allow the gun to fit in the box.
  3. GlockCanMan

    Favorite optic for PCC

    I just bought a Sightmark Ultra shot scope. Haven't had time yet to take it out and sight it in though.
  4. GlockCanMan

    Slide goes forward on reload; M&P Pro9

    That is one of the main reasons I haven't bought any more of the 2.0...well that and the fact the grips were too aggressive, and they don't make a black 5" yet. Does anyone know how to get the slide to fall easier on the 2.0 when you slam a mag in?
  5. GlockCanMan

    What's everyones favorite aftermarket glock trigger?

    Vanek triggers for me.
  6. GlockCanMan

    .45 spp Have you actually had problems?

    It won't be too much longer and they will stop making 45acp lpp brass.
  7. I joined up hoping that I could find some good deals, but I was not impressed.
  8. I have already been verified and am now waiting till Nov.
  9. GlockCanMan

    I struck gold

    I originally bought it to put onto a 40S&W M&P so that I could shoot USPSA put decided to stick with IDPA, so I sold the gun while it was still NIB. I think I will put it on a new S&W 5" M&P when they come out with a Black version. I hate that FDE color.
  10. GlockCanMan

    I struck gold

    I felt a little under the weather today so called in sick. Went to do a little reloading and saw a small package behind some primers, it evidently fell down behind the primers and has laid unseen or unopened for several years. I opened it up and it was a Dawson Precision fully adjustable rear sight for the M&P. They stopped making them several years ago, and really missed being able to buy them. I will be putting it to good use.
  11. GlockCanMan

    Lost the fiber optic from front sight

    I would suggest using a match when trying to melt the fiber optic. It is easier to control the heat. keep a couple of extra inches of extra fiber optic in your bag. I also prefer the Dawson fiber optic sights.
  12. GlockCanMan

    M&P 2.0 5" 9mm Competition?

    I might buy a 2.0 when they come out in black without the safety. I think it was a stupid marketing idea to bring them out in FDE first.
  13. GlockCanMan

    First attempt at 147 Grain minor load, insight appreciated

    Well after reading everyone's comments, I just have to say, if you want to stay with Tite group and Bayou bullets...just do it. There is nothing wrong with that selection. Some people say to start with FMJ...not needed. Just be slow and careful when you setup your dies, as stated above FMJ is more forgiving, but not a must do. Others are telling you to use a type of powder that will fill the case up so you don't do a double charge...I have never felt the need for that because I just pay attention to what I do when reloading, and never let my powder measure go below a certain level and run occasional checks on what my powder measure drops into the cases. I good dial caliper would also be nice to have also. What type of press/powder measure are you using? No body has mentioned or talked about primers though. I use Federal primers because they are the softest out there and most of my competition guns have been modified, especially my wheel guns that have a 6lb double action pull and require them. If your guns have been modified you might have a problem with CCI primers as they are pretty hard. Federal makes the softest, then Winchester in the middle and CCI as being the hardest. While there are other brands out there, I don't have any experience using them. Myself I use 3.1gr. of N320 with the 147gr Bayou Bullet. Enjoy reloading...just remember while you have fun reloading, just be careful and pay attention to what you do.
  14. GlockCanMan

    Sig P320 X5 Magazine & Basepad Question

    So is the P320 X5 legal for IDPA?