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What are "slide ports"


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I believe the concept is that much of the

muzzle lift (recoil) of a semi-auto is the

mass of the slide coming and going during


So, the less mass (weight) of the slide, the

less perceived muzzle disruption (recoil).


Helps with muzzle dip when the slide goes forward into battery. With the weight reduction on the front of the gun it makes side to side movement quicker.


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For gun with compensator, the mass of the slide may be critical as it reduce the slide is recoil operated. So a less mass slide (ported slide) will run easier. In non comp gun like G34/35, porting the slide allow to have a similar weight slide to G17/22, and then use the same springs ratio.

And another plus for ported slide, it allow a better barrel cooling.

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