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  1. gunguru


    And if you decide to use your feet to block the door open, make sure to not touch the ground past the fault line and get a "significant advantage"... especialy on a 3 rounds per target stage.
  2. Finaly, i bought 2 safariland 775, thanks for your help.
  3. Safariland are out of stock on optic planet and are 45$ on amazon.ca. Yes, it´s costly here...
  4. I currently shoot in production, but I plan to go in Single Stack instead. I have a Blade Tech DOH 1911 holster on a CR Speed belt. But I cant decide about the mag pouches. I should go with CR speed with spacers, but as I will shoot Major, I will need at least 5 mags on belt (6 should be better), I dont want to get short ammo on a long popper stage, or just get screwed by a malfunction jam... But the available space on my belt is limited by waist size, and CR Speed took too much space to my taste to get 5 or 6. I made some research, and I think 90 mag pouch should be a good option. I have the opportunity to get 3 different models (Im in Canada, available gear is limited). I want your appreciation and comments? Did you tried some or all, do you have picture? Heres my choices: 1. Safariland 775 I should put 2 on my belt, or 1 with other mag pouchs. (about 100$ for 2) 2. DAA Racer Single Stack (175$/5) 3. DAA magnetic Single Stack (165$/5) Thanks for your help!
  5. Is it only me or this stage is not legal at all....? 8 paper, 8 poppers and 2 texas stars... If I count well, I get 34 shots. The max isn't 32 in both IPSC & USPSA rules book? .
  6. 75$ for a 9mm box???????
  7. Production, with a CZ SP-01 shadow
  8. May sound low achievement, but I'm pretty proud to say I'm now a C shooter after only four L2 and one L3, in less than a year. I started IPSC in Feb 2012... Next step, ending scrapping one stage per match and get constance... to get the B.
  9. Too cool. I remember a movie with Christian Slater (sorry, I don't remember the movie name) where he's a "private" police officer in San Francisco, and during the final scene, one of his collegue shoot with a pistol... slide locked back! And yes, he shoot with the flame blast and recoil, but the gun was open... Or more recently, a movie with Robert deNiro and Jason Statham, tje movie was supposed to be in 1980, and they shoot M4 and Glocks... Maybe the M4 should be XM177, the a glock still a glock, weird in '80.... Too funny...
  10. I don't wera cap very often, I have a lot of hair so I have a natural sunscreen. In fact, I wear one for the opposite reason, I wear it when it rain, it keep rain out of glasses and eyes.
  11. The worst part of a missplaced mag change is to get the focus following the mags on the ground... I did it at the Quebec Provincial last week... I had a good and agressice plan, but I don't know why, I pushed the mag release after 2 target, and sith the mag went my focus ... leading me to forgot 2 classic target and 2 poppers... 100 pts penalties... Plus another miss further due to frustration. And the RO tried to warn me legally by giving me a long "iiiifffffff Fiiiinnnnnnissshed, unload and show clear" , but too bad, I didn't hear him due to frustration... But I take it very Zen after all. I asked myself 2 questions: #1 - Marc, did you have fun shooting this stage, and do you want to have fun shooting the remaining 5 stages...? #2 - Marc, did you learn something out of this experience? After answering myself yes for both question, I relaxed a bit and was pretty good on following stages, with 2 of my best stages scores.
  12. gunguru


    After a 2 year fight, 2 major surgery, 3 radioactive treatments and lot of pain, my wife finaly received the soooooo desired verdict: Cancer Remission!!!!! This F.....G thing is gone away!!!! So a great news!!! TOOOOOOO HAPPPPPY!!! (now, I have to buy a new gun to celebrate! ;-) )
  13. If the RO is aware, he will stop you right away... It happen to me at the Quebec Provincial L3, two target activated by a popper, but one rope was forgoted in the reset...
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