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The Original Internt of Production


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Hi there,

Since our BOD was nice enough to give us something to chat about over the holidays, I started to see many statements about the "intent of production". I didn't recall seeing anything in writing so I went dumpster diving in the old minutes files on www.uspsa.org. The only purpose statement I found was in the 22 Jan 2000 minutes:

"The purpose of production division is to open USPSA to new shooters, manufacturers and sponsors."

Does anyone know of any other such statements from either the USPSA or IPSC archives? I am not asking what you think it should be, just what the elders put in writing for our organization. Please cite the source!



PS: So far, we are meeting the purpose...

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Production was adopted by IPSC at the 1999 World Shoot in Cebu.

The .pdf from the IPSC General Assembly is here

19.17 Motion:

That Production not be adopted as an IPSC Division.

Moved:Seconded:For: 7Denied



Against: 27 Abstain: 0

19.18 Motion:

That the maximum barrel length in Production Division be 5inches (127mm).

Moved:Seconded:For: 28Carried



Against: 4 Abstain: 2

19.19 Motion:

That section c) be deleted from Production Division.

Moved:Seconded:For: 34Carried

South Africa


Against: 0 Abstain: 0

19.20 Motion:

That there be no magazine capacity restrictions in Production Division, and that section i) bedeleted.

Moved: Australia


Seconded: Israel

For: 27 Against: 5 Abstain: 2Carried

19.21 Motion:

That there be no specific holster position in Production Division, and that the 1st sentence insection j) be deleted.

Moved:Seconded:For: 6Denied

AustriaNetherlandsAgainst: 26

Abstain: 2

19.22 Motion:

That there be no minimum trigger pull in Production Division, and that section h) be deleted.

Moved:Seconded:For: 7Denied


Hong Kong

Against: 23 Abstain: 4

Further amendments to Production at the 2000 General Assembly


Appendix EProduction Division

Minimum power factor 125-scored to be scored as MinorMoved: Netherlands

Seconded: USA

Carried For-38 Against-1 Abstain-1


Appendix E

Production Division

Only make and model of handguns specifically approved by the IPSC General Assembly may compete in ProductionDivision. The IPSC President will provide all accredited Regions with an approved list of handguns detailing themanufacturer, make and model by the 31st of January each year and this will be considered the definitive list for thefollowing twelve months of competition

Moved: Israel

Seconded: UK

Denied For-6 Against-33 Abstain-1


Appendix EProduction Division

Maximum weight - Yes, 2 ounces over factory specifiedMinimum trigger pull - No

Maximum barrel length - No

Magazine length restriction - No

Sights - Square notch and post only

Box - Yes

Production guns only - Yes,2000 made one year production DA, DA/SA, Safe Action pistol only- Slip on grip sock and/or skateboard tape is allowed.

- Action work to enhance reliability (throating, trigger work, etc.) is allowed.

- External modifications other than sights not allowed

- Heavy barrels and /or barrel sleeves (factory or after market) not allowed.

- No weighted attachments allowed to magazines

Moved: USA

Seconded: Australia

Denied For-4 Against-35 Abstain-1

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No. I did a quick scan of some of the other GA minutes and didn't see anything either. I will look around more closely when I get time.

There was a presentation given in 1999 at Cebu by the IPSC President (I think) about the new division but it is not shown in the official minutes. Perhaps an email to IPSC may be required to see if they still have a copy of it. Part of the presentation was a video of Todd Jarrett shooting a Para-LDA, they also had an LDA at the meeting.

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Interesting that the "intent" is not readily available (as one would think it should be) but everyone who wants to change it swears by this "intent"

Must be like porn, they can't define it but they know it when they see it!

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