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Home defence


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A tall fence with razor wire around 200 ac with the home near the center. Trembler alarms set at all road approaches. two sets of deep trenches Fire ants in any area that may provide sniper cover. Viper pits, and an absolute must is the Tiger Pit.

If all that fails any size shot from with in 10 feet should work

I have to go feed my snakes now, after the weekend the Tiger is full

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why are not suppose to talk about home defense?

one reason would be So that Silly things like I posted in the previous post does not get debated like a long debate about of Could Supper Man beat up Mighty Mouse.

Be Best reason is - when invited to a party respect the host's request.

I know that if I was smart, talented, and successful and hosted a website forum, I would ask the same things that MR Enos did

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