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  1. I will need your info to send you monies for the 2k cmm brass.



  2. Hello,

    Did I respond quick enough to secure 2k 9mm brass?



  3. I will take the other 8 thousand. Please give me the payment information.

  4. Wow that Blaster is beautiful, It could have been better to have m2i cuts on both sides. Overall it ooks awesone!
  5. That's just all kinds of different. Who dreamed up and built it? That looks different design among the open guns in U.S.!
  6. Who did the coating on that gun? Is that the same thing that SV is offering?
  7. Mannnn this thing is so awesome.... I absolutely love the color..
  8. That open gun from Akai custom looks like Gans guns!
  9. Cool comp gun! I love old school guns.
  10. Nicely done! Did you sent out the whole top end or you have to remove all the small parts?
  11. Nice grips can you guys pm me the cost to have one of this done on my STI grip. Thank you
  12. That open gun is nice........ I mean very nice!!!!!!Good luck at the Nationals
  13. Would you recommend it Sir? I was kinda surprised when Brandon told me how much it cost. I am planning to have it on my next gun that he is building but in bronze. I would like to gather lots of feedback. The reason why i like the bronze looking is that its rear. It could have been nice to see one in person. I've seen the DLC from Taran and looks awesome. Thank you for the responsed sir
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