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A last question before buying a CZ


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Okay...I have to s**t or get off the pot. I spent 3 hrs at the range tonight with my HK P2000 and Sig 229 and they are great self-defense guns, but they pale in comparison to shooting my Kimber CDP II accurately. The triggers just don't cut it.

My shooting will be, in most competition, IDPA. Any reason to look at anything but this CZ for production?

CZ Shadow T

If I were to shoot USPSA the firing pin removal makes it illegal for Production. I'm not about to win anything as I'm just starting out going from practicing combat shooting for a few years to precision shooting. If I had to shoot in another class at a USPSA event with this gun would it be any big deal to move to that division being green with better shooters?

Thanks for any tips,


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My CZ SP01 Shadow Custom does not have a firing pin block, nor does my friends SP01 Shadow Target. My wife's 75B had one. Cajun Gun Works has a reduced power firing pin block spring that reduces the effort to lift the firing pin block if you have one.

The CZ makes an excellent prodution gun as does the M&P Pro, Glock 35 and a few other tupperware contenders. The Sig is more than accurate enough and Gray Guns does trigger work on them. The short coming of the Sig is the lack of a beaver tail and the bore line is higher than the CZ which produces an infetismally small amount of extra flip. I can say that I have both. Flip does not affect accuracy, taking shots when the sights are not there affects accuracy. Ben Stoeger is living proof that even the Beretta 92 in the right hands is an excellent Production gun.

Shooting the CZ in another division has the same handicap that other contenders have, minor scoring.

The SP01 Shadow Target or the SP01 Shadow/Custom won't make you a great shot, developing skill and practice does that. The CZ SP01 has little flip and the recoil is minimal, that said it definately tends to give the shooter the over confidece to shoot faster than they can see.

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I purchased that same firearm a few weeks back. No buyers remorse, no dissappointment. Matter of fact, I've already started a fund to buy another CZ. CZ Custom is a great shop to work with, quality people and products, through & through.

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If I were to shoot USPSA the firing pin removal makes it illegal for Production.

Shadows, either 75 or SP-01 variety, are legal for USPSA production. Both guns have the same slide and fire control group and neither came with a firing pin block safety from the factory.

What would be illegal is to take a regular non shadow 75b or SP-01 and remove the firing pin block safety.

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I have the non-adjustable-sight 75 Shadow. Love this pistol. It's now my primary gun for USPSA Production, 3-Gun, and Steel Challenge. Eventually I'll try it for IDPA SSP. Fantastic pistol, does not have the weight worries for IDPA that the SP-01 does. Great gun.

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