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  1. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.264077120335062.61884.112484582160984&type=3 See if this link works for you? Pictures from my extractor failure.
  2. i once went a year and a half without cleaning shooting at least 2 matches a week. lubed it only a few times. what got me to finally clean it was the extractor broke around 23k rounds. i shot titegroup amd zero jhp, which was a very clean combination the closed back bullet makes a big diff in terms of fouling compared to say, a moly or hardcast bullet. totally worth the exrra few bucks for a plated or jacketed bullet.
  3. Anyone know what chokes are included with a 712 utility? I got what I am pretty sure is a cylinder choke (1 hash mark) and then some more choke that extends out an inch and has 3 hash marks (i'm guessing full)? Shot a match yesterday where some steel was getting far, and the 3 hash mark choke was shooting maybe a large dinner plate pattern at 25 yards lol.
  4. i'm in regardless of finish, but would strongly prefer blued/black. if i had to buy stainless i would, just an extra step to dull it out.
  5. Then we could really have a CZ 3-Gun team
  6. For some reason I couldn't get that clamp to work with mine... : shrug : Only mods are a tricomp front sight, nordic +4 tube, lifter welded by crums, then enlarged the gas ports and trimmed the spring a little. Runs like a champ.
  7. Awe cmon, shotgun is the best part Happen to seen a big bucket of A2's for cheap I think that may get this price point down into doable territory.
  8. Meh. I'll just pay someone to shoot my shotgun stages for me.
  9. i bet you could start with a threaded rod or rebar, and just cut the part that goes into the bolt, lol. it'd give us something to do with those stupid A2 flash hiders!!
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