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  1. Fldc for competition makes it a little softer shooting. If i had to pick between softer shooting and a smidge better out of box triger, id take the softer shooting gun. Triggers can always get a trigger job. That said i use fpb guns and having a fpb isnt keeping me from making gm.
  2. Check trigger return spring if trigger doesnt return well, or if the trigger bar sprin is weak or one leg has ridden off the track on the underside of the trigger bar.
  3. really wierd. did you get a pic? where was the interference? i've shot area 8 and seen all kinds of CZs pass the box. not sure if they make a new box every year.
  4. The alloy frames are thicker and will not work. My 75b 75c did not fit well in my sp01 holsters since the void in the holster for the rail made it loose for the others. For the price of a range visit or a couple boxes of ammo, just plan to buy the right holster. anything else will just be rigged.
  5. Neither will. They have wider frames.
  6. Are you using a closed base bullet? Is that dirty? Took me almost two years of no cleaning and weekly plus matches to get "dirty"...
  7. to polish i used jewelers rouge amd a soft bit on low rpm amd light pressure amd worked carefully and slowly. to break the edge i have some needle files i put 200/400 wetdry sandpaper around.
  8. the pin retains the bushing as well. put it back.
  9. i have my sp01 that has been going 8 years, still quite accurate.
  10. to get the dimple... hold the magazine rounds down, by the top, and tap the baseplate lightly like a hammer. the inertia of the tap moves the plate foward and engages the nub.
  11. I use a mag brush - they can be very affordable. Then a spritz of aerosol oil and i wipe dry and shove a paper towel through the middle. As said, excess oil attracts dust so wipe dry.
  12. what kind of sights do you normally prefer? all kinds of sights are available.
  13. remove the grips and try again. thatll tell you if it is a problem with the grips. if not the grips, then you will see the mag brale rubbing on them.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.264077120335062.61884.112484582160984&type=3 See if this link works for you? Pictures from my extractor failure.
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