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  1. I'd be interested in your comparisons between those two. I hope that you enjoy the new barrel. I'm excited about the 308 Win version of the same. Thanks! I'm pretty stoked. I decided that this one would be a no-compromise gun, so instead of a MTAC 1-4, I plan on going with a Vortex Razor 1-6. Mount will be a Bobro instead of a PEPR. Trigger will be a Geissele SD-3G flat instead of a CMC 3.5 Flat. Still somewhat undecided on a muzzle device. Receiver set should be picked up this coming week - an Aero set in FDE. Never had a "color" gun before.
  2. Bringing up a necro thread, but I ordered my fluted melonite this evening. I've got a hankering for a 16" 3 gun rifle build and this barrel seemed to be the ticket. My current 3-gun rifle has a Nordic 18", looking forward to the comparison in shooting. The nordic is very, very smooth shooting.
  3. I've now spent a bit of time with one (although it's not mine ). A friend bought a 24". It's fast. Very fast. I certainly can't outrun the bolt, no matter how I may try. Also, with the stock IC choke, Fiocchi Low Recoil slugs printed exactly to POI at 50 yd. Federal low recoil slugs were about 6" high, but centered side-to-side. Recoil seemed less than my Winchester Super X 3. Very impressed with this shotgun.
  4. I've got the new Grams follower/springs in my CTS .40. I think now 3 of my 4 mags get 21 in the tube. The fourth mag is brand new, and I expect it will get broken in just like the others.
  5. I've really been wondering about this. I shot my way to a reasonably high level in Sporting Clays with a mid-range gun (Browning 425). My shooting partner was one of the top shooters in the world in the Senior class (won gold overseas one year). He shot a few different guns while we shot together, but all of them were mid-range guns (Beretta 303's and 390's, Browning Ultra). A lot of the competitors were shooting $8K+ Kreighoffs. I shot them many times, but I never found something in them that would get me to give up one of my Berettas or Brownings in favor of them. I also shot Perazzis
  6. For what it's worth, I'm one of those "C or D class shooters". When presented with the opportunity last week I picked up a low-mileage CTS to be my first real Limited gun. I've only got about 200 rounds through it so far, and have yet to shoot it in a match. However, I have read the comments I think you're referring to, and I don't get them, either. I can't fathom why the pistol would not be highly competitive at the top level of the sport. Neither could an A class shooter who tried it yesterday. Two of my mags will hold 21 rounds and still seat relatively easily (Grams springs and CZ f
  7. I have a friend who has sworn for years that all you ever need in a progressive pistol machine is a Lee Loadmaster. He had two of them, I think. One set for 9mm, the other for .40. Told me I was wasting money on a LNL AP. Then he bought his first .45 and tried converting the Loadmaster over. One week later he had his first Dillon 650, and is now looking at buying a second. I can tell you that in my experience with my LNL AP, once I got some teething issues out, it's been a fantastic press. It will occasionally mess up a primer feed (maybe 1 round out of every 300), but primers seem to b
  8. IMHO, the only downside to the CZ is aftermarket support. The 2011 is a circular argument - everyone shoots it for competition because of the aftermarket support. The reason there's aftermarket support is that everyone shoots it... I won't deny that the S_I guns are attractive, durable, and get fantastic trigger pulls. But I've got my eye on a used CTS that has a trigger that gives up nothing to a 1911. My Production/3 gun pistol is a CZ 75 Shadow, and the CTS feels like a pretty close approximation for a limited gun, albeit with a better trigger. There are about 4 or 5 folks regularly s
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