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I've tried searching....

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Unfortunately you will never see it. The early forum crashed and we had to start over.

But I'd be willing to bet SOMEBODY knows who posted it and what it was.

It was Flex telling someone to do a search. :sight::roflol:

Now that is bloody funny! :roflol:

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History as I remember it. ;)

There was a BE forum that crashed around or before May 1, 2001. Notice the join dates of everybody in the link that warpspeed posted. May 1 & 2 2001. This was the new forum. I think everything before that was lost. I couldn't find any of my older posts. I was originally signed up as "BILL". That profile shows me as joining on May 2, 2001.

In 2003 there was an update and the person signed up as "Bill" ended up with the name and I had to sign up with another name. BE forums were so good that I used my real name. :cheers::D


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