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G35 load for Limited with Tight Group


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I'm starting to shoot limited with a G35. Tight Group is about the only powder I can get easily. To use something else would require quite a bit of effort so unless there is a big advantage...

What OAL works best in the Glocks?

What Bullet weight would feel softest in the G35 with TG?

I have some 180gr. plated TC that I'm going to start with but I'm open to suggestions....

Looking for a starting point. :)

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4.9 TG w/ 165 JHP @ 1.135"

4.6 TG w/ 180 FMJ @ 1.13"

These are the two loads I use in my 35. I haven't had good luck with plated bullets in my Glock. Had to many of them key hole. Good luck. TXAG

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I load my Glock 35 with TG. I was not able to get 200 gr bullets to load without blowing the case shoulder out. They would not chamber. I shoot everything from 135 to 185 gr bullets. I also had alot of trouble with the plated bullets, even with a Barsto barrel.


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180gr JHP by Zero. No smoke.

4.2gr Titegroup is real close to 165 factor. Go up or down from there as needed.

1.125 OAL, same as factory

G35, factory barrel [cleaned w/dry brass brush about every 2000 rounds]

I also think that 200's & fast powder are close to the edge in a Glock.

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chrono data from last sunday


STI 5" with Nowlin bbl. lead reamed for 1.210 OAL

4.5 TG 180 lead TC WSP 980 SD=8.00 OAL 1.125

4.5 TG 180 Lead TC WSR 1015 SD=16.67 OAL 1.125

I am working up a standard length load for my duty gun that will be a .40. Probably gonna go with 4.1-4.3 with pistol primer. Pretty much anything I have loaded with TG has been accurate......Hope this helps, and again it demonstrates the difference between pistol and rifle primers.

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Lead bullets aren't recomended for Glocks. With jacketed bullets to shoot Limited I expect you would want to shoot 165PF (Major) for the scoring advantage.

I shoot 180gr JHP with 4.5gr of Tightgroup in my 1911 and it's very accurate and just makes Major in my gun.


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