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The Green Lantern

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So my kids took me to see The Green Lantern for fathers day. Of course I still paid, but it's the thought, right!

Again not being a comic book type no idea if it's a good representation of the character, but it's a good flick! We did the 3D version and I think it is worth it. Kinda like a super hero and Avatar mixture. Pretty good color and imagery. The story is a bit old. It also seems like they tried to cram a whole bunch of back story into a short movie. Some of the stuff that he 'builds' is pretty bad assed!

I liked it! Oh and wait for the credits. There's a peek at the next one...

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I see the setup for the sequel, if they put decent effort into it the sequel should be great, they probably could have improved the story by using a smaller more local villian, So the audience and character wouldnt have needed to learn as much, save the villian they used for the sequel, They got bogged down in the back story but they had to get alot of info out so people not familar with the character wouldnt be lost, I remembered bits and pieces here and there, but all in all go see it, and I am looking forward to hopefully part two

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