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Forcing cones


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I see a lot of questions asked on how to reduce the felt recoil on shotguns, but I do not recall anything being mentioned about lengthening the forcing cones. Does anyone do this any more? Will it work on a Benelli? I know they have chrome lines barrels that could be had to cut.

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I found that the lengthening of the FC resulted in better patterns but only so very slightly. I don't think I'd do it for a 3 gun shotgun. The return on investment just is not there.

I agree. Your amount of recoil reduction will not be noticed. A lot of sporting clays shooters do it but your money is better spent elsewhere for this game.

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These answers surprise me. Probably 20 years ago I had the cones turned out of my 682X Trap Gun and the difference in recoil was dramatic! Of course the gun was much heavier and had a great pad on it. I also had a mercury recoil reducer in the stock. It was already a pretty soft shooter but the cone removal did make a huge difference.

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Whether or not lengthening the forcing cone has a noticeable effect on patterning or felt recoil in “your” gun may have a lot to do whether the cone even needs lengthening in the first place.

10-15 years ago just about every factory barrel had the short, abrupt forcing cone; a hold over from the days of cardboard wad technology that needed the quick transition from chamber to bore diameter to seal the gas (cardboard wads do not expand to the bore diameter and seal like a modern plastic one piece wad/shot cup). These days more and more barrels are coming from the factory with a longer forcing cone, not just the overbored target guns, but even some of the common hunting and HD guns.

Look into your barrel from the breach end. If the transition from chamber to bore looks about 1/2” long or less your barrel has the abrupt forcing cone. If you can see the forcing cone appears to be 1.5” or longer you should not expect much, if any improvement from having the forcing cone lengthened.

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The Benni M2 has a better forcing area than the Rem 1100 by 5Xtimes as good. Sporting clays drives a large market and is way ahead on teaching and testing.

most all the manufactures have improved the -off the shelf - gun to reflect this.

For instance trying to improve on a Browning 525 at the forcing cones would be complete waste of cash.

having the cones worked over is a 10 year old M1 may be worth it.

its #1 benefit is pattern and recoil some of the test showed the forcing cones did more than 3X the amount to reduce recoil over barrel porting.

Barrel porting being the least cost effective , But the market drove the "looks Cool" factor to keep doing it.

but most all my information is over 6 years old

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