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  1. I would be interested in buying one of the pg stocks. Pm me asking price. Thanks.
  2. wannabe

    cfe 223

    23.8 with a 2.250 oal works for me.
  3. Rubber City Armory has a new product, an adjustable gas key for AR 15/M16. Does any one have any first hand experience with this product...thoughts. Brownells has them, was not able to copy the link.
  4. I installed an TTI extended carrier in my Benelli M2 and now I am having some reliability problems. Shell will hang in the carrier or get slowed down enough to not chamber, this can happen at any point in the mag tube. Has any one else experienced problems after installing this carrier?
  5. I was DQed..did not like it at all! However it was my fault, discarded a pistol and the safety came off. We were warned at the beginning of the stage by the ROs. The plywood pieces in the dump buckets was something I had not seen before...might have increased my chances for the safety to be disengaged, will be more aware from now on of this possibility. I think the match was run very well considering the weather issues. The communication was excellent keeping shooters updated on Saturday. I will not hesitate to return to this facility for another match. I appreciate everyone's hard work, thank you.
  6. Will he be selling them in this modified configuration?
  7. Great Match....now to work on my weak areas, Looking forward to next year. T
  8. This one was built in early 2000 if memory serves me. It has the changeable breach face; change breach face, barrel and extractor and go from .40 to .38 super comp.
  9. I was in the same situation. Finally went with the Vortex 1x6 after trying others and not being satisfied. My confidence and long range ability made a huge leap forward with the Vortex. If at all possible to get one you will not regret the purchase.
  10. Post pictures when done. I think you made the right decision and will be very happy with your new toy.
  11. Would Stoeger barrels inter change with Benelli?
  12. How do these compare to other brands, and can the work with M & P .22 mags?
  13. I have shot slugs out of mine with IM using Fiocchi reduced recoils 1 oz. slugs with very good results.
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