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  1. Do you desire a room in the Patton Tower or Bluegrass Wing? Sun up or sun down view?
  2. Folks I am posting this statement from Vince Pinto as a service to those who are attending the World Shoot perhaps for the first time and who might like to be reminded that the dinner attire for the match is a bit more dressy than what is required of matches in the US. I am not making a statement here as to whether or not this is appropriate and urge members to decline any impulse to do so as well. The way I look at it is that IPSC is hosting the party and they have the option of stating what attire is appropriate and guests should follow these guidelines in the same manner that if your mom
  3. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to show up to shoot at the WS and not be able to find a parking spot. The match is running a shuttle since there is likely not a range in any IPSC country with parking for 1200 vehicles including every military range I have ever seen or heard about. I am very proud that Frank Garcia and his staff brought the WS to this country. I would love the opportunity to go to England and shoot one. But sadly unless there is a huge overhaul of the laws over there, all I might be able to do there is shoot air soft.
  4. After some members noticed the fees incumbent on those who desired to attend the World Shoot as spectators, Frank Garcia went to work and I am pleased to announce that as a result of his efforts, USPSA members and their companions will be admitted free. You are still going to need to go to the off site office to obtain a ticket. Parking is going to be limited at the range but USPSA members and their companions are welcome to ride the off site shuttle bus to the range for free. If you desire a pass, please contact Manny Bragg and he will provide you passes for the shuttle and the gate. If
  5. Let's be clear. I have not said this was a bad thing. What I am saying is that if USPSA did it all in house we would not be sharing revenue. Let's say the revenue off of this venture is $200K. Than analysis I would apply would be different if the contractor was getting 50% vs say 15%. Could you provide us that detail Chuck? Under the shared revenue model if the total revenue is $200K USPSA is paying the provider $100K if it is 50% but only $30K if it is 15%. Based on what I know about dealing with these companies for clients, the minimum is 40%. So say it is 40%, the work of the contra
  6. Constant Contact would indeed work well for such an application.
  7. Bill you may very well be correct on that. But if I want to do marketing for my practice I hire someone to provide that service. I do not agree to give them a percentage of the gross revenue that their efforts generate.
  8. Bill I agree there is nothing wrong with using the commercial vendor but let's not forget the larger question of what are we going to actually try to achieve? We have a new revenue stream. What are we going to do with the funds? I outlined a couple of ways we could broaden the offering for NROI and I am sure there are other's with ideas. My point is that USPSA has more to decide than just this issue. The notion that this new product is *Free* is simply illusionary. While it is correct that USPSA is not paying anything for the service is correct. But it is also correct that we are sharin
  9. I agree with Bill Noyes 99% of the time but this is one of those situations where I differ. I am rather solid in by conviction that USPSA could and should have done this without resorting to a partnership with an outside vendor. There are plenty of methods that USPSA could have used to publish an on line publication without spamming anyone. How dog on hard is it to run a program where the server sends out batches of 10 emails addressed to 10 members with each batch being 3 minutes a part? Setting up a blog/newsletter/electronic and inviting members who subscribe to it in Front Sight is cer
  10. No. USPSA is a partner in the effort. I do not believe that USPSA did anything wrong. If the information provided by Jay Corn is correct, we are doing a lot right. The better question is why did we need a partner in this. It is our email list. Most of the content consists of other stories linked from the net and Shooting Wire. Could we not as done just as well or better without multi view?
  11. Thanks guys. I see nothing wrong with the Nosler rifles except that what I am looking for is something several pounds lighter.
  12. Aside from Nosler, is anyone offering a factory gun chambered in the 26 Nosler? Or has anyone announced plans to offer one?
  13. When the agendas posted lack enough detail to advise the membership what is being discussed and the minutes posted fail to advise how and why a decision was make, when the financial records of the organization are not fully available to each and every member, when no supporting documentation or even the document approved is attached to the minutes, when we see the BOD meeting repeatedly in executive session and when we hear that members of the BOD have been hired for compensation by USPSA without BOD approval which is required by the Bylaws, that is when an appearance of impropriety arises. A
  14. On the topic of the release of the HHFs, that is entirely up to the BOD. All the BOD needs to do is instruct the ED if she did not get the message clear enough at the meeting from which Bill Noyes posted minutes. I do not read that entry as it is up to her as to whether to post it but rather that it is up to her HOW to post it. Strick is correct that we are not having to assess members due to losses……..yet. But just like counting the number of burgers that get trashed, hit the floor, or go out the back door at the local burger place, unless you manage what you are doing that situation can
  15. Management is hired by the elected BOD. The BOD and the President are elected by the members. Until and unless the members decide they need competent business people serving on the BOD, problems like those you note will arise. Selection should not be about how well you know the rules, what type of match you run, or how well you shoot or have advanced in the game. Rather what is needed are the type of individuals you want serving on your local bank board such as CPAs, lawyers, business owners, marketing people, managers, administrators, and other business leaders. You need the type of peop
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