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Need 231/ .45 ACP load data


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I'm trying to achieve 750 fps with a 230 FMJ. So far, 4.9 grains resulted in ~625 fps. 5.2 resulted in almost 700 fps. These velocities are MUCH lower than I expected. I plan to bump it up to 5.6 grains, which is pretty close to max. Do any of you have any load data and chronograph results data for Winchester 231 with 230 grain bullets?

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Not sure what gun you are using but here are my results with my G21SF-

G21SF, 230gr Berrys, 5.4gr W231, Fed Primer, 1.260" COL- Ave 782 ft/s

I thought I ran another test with same load/gun and the speeds were a tad higher but I can't find them.

I've gone up to 5.8gr and one of my manuals has 6.2gr max. My 1911 results were slower than same loads in the Glock.

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Gun is a Colt Lightweight Commander. I also tried the first 4.9 loads in a friend's 5" Baer and got about 30 more fps. I am shooting Precision Delta 230 FMJs at 1.26 OAL.

Hodgdon/Winchester website says 4.2 min, 5.3 max. That is with a 230 FMJ FP loaded to 1.20. Sierra book says 4.9 min, 5.7 max w/ 230 FMJ at 1.27. Between the two, I thought 4.9 would be a good place to start. I think I'll try 5.6 tomorrow.

Thanks for all replies.

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