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  1. deerslayer

    downside to MOS?

    I believe gen 5 uses a different height sight.
  2. deerslayer


    Yeah sucks getting beat by a guy who has to go home after the match and study for a spelling test tomorrow. I would gladly trade him my glass ankle and cholesterol medicine for some of his youthful energy. Congrats to the kid, though. I hear ya on the basepads--Arredondo is less trouble, at least on a Glock mag. What little I've used TTI on a Glock mag seemed like it would eventually wear down the tabs on the mag tube if it's constantly off and back on.
  3. deerslayer


    Yes, Lim-A 2nd. What was it Ricky Bobby said? Second place is first loser. Keep a mag brush in your bag and immediately scrub every mag that you drop. I've had trouble with dusty Glock mags in the past.
  4. Same problem with my gen 5 G17. BBI 147 had to be loaded way shorter than I was comfortable with. Got the barrel reamed and now I shoot anything I want.
  5. deerslayer


    Did you disassemble and clean every mag that hit the ground after each stage? If this was at the Atomic Blast, several stages were quite dusty. Even Glock mags are susceptible to dust. Ask me how I know.
  6. I shoot handguns left-handed and am right-eye dominant. I just pivot my head slightly. The above is possibly true, but I think MemphisMechanic's point was that neither one is necessary.
  7. I haven't shot it enough to know yet, but I doubt I'll see much difference. The factory barrel was accurate, but like I said above, they kinda scare me. The KKM has been 100% reliable.
  8. I have a Ghost "Bullet Forward" slide stop on mine. It's puts the bump or extra meat or whatever on the front of the slide stop instead of the rear. It serves two purposes--easier to drop the slide for lefties and helps keep right handers from bumping the slide stop. I'm a southpaw and I like it, but I have no idea if it works as advertised for right handers.
  9. Jerry cracked one on his PCC. They do seem a little flimsy, but I'm happy so far. Less overall drama (unless they start cracking). You gotta shoot this 24 next time. It's definitely not ".40 snappy."
  10. My KKM 24 drop in had to be fitted (not much). I got it because big, loose Glock .40 chambers make me nervous, not to increase accuracy. However, the fitted barrel may be a blessing in disguise.
  11. Only basepad I have used for .40 is Arredondo. Out of several mags, maybe only one I would feel confident reloading with 20. Last weekend, I tried an ETS 16 round mag w/ the Arredondo. It held 20 with no trouble and I would use it as a reload. It's only one mag, but looks promising. I ordered two more and will keep experimenting.
  12. I sanded a bevel on the bottom of the followers and the top part of the basepad that fits inside the mag tube. I now do the immediately-disassemble-and-clean-any-2011-mag-that-hits-the-dirt-after-every-stage routine. So far, so good. I also started experimenting with ETS mags. Their 16 round .40 mag held 16 pretty easily. With the Arredondo, it holds 20 that I would be willing to use as a reload. They sell a 19 round .40 mag that's Limited legal and since my two Glock mags on the belt are loaded with only 19, I'm gonna give the ETS 19 rounders a try. Several people I shoot with swear by them, but another guy has one that has cracked. Moloch, Do your guns have a magwell? My 24 with Dawson Ice was dragging until I did some filing on the opening. The magwell was pinching the grip. What gen are your guns/mags? I may be crazy, but I could swear gen 3 mags drop more freely than gen 4 mags. By gen 3, I mean a mag with the mag catch notch on one side only and the witness holes are not staggered.
  13. Thanks for all replies. Both matches I shot were a bit dusty. I've never had issues with dusty Glock mags, but I guess there's a first time for everything. I think I'll bevel the bottom edges of the followers as suggested. I probably should have already done this, but like I said, I've used these same tubes with the same base pads before without issues. Thanks again for the help!
  14. Have a G24 for limited. Magazine followers are dragging or binding or something. Using Arrendondo +5 basepads and the included springs. Ammo is BBI 180 @ 1.130. Have used these same basepads/springs before with a 35 and 34 with good results. Follower is sporadically very slow to move up after a round is stripped. VERY slow. The problem is worse when the mag is full or near full. Gun prefers gen 3 mags; gen 4 mags don’t always drop free. I got Fast Grip everywhere, so I cleaned everything good and didn’t use Fast Grip today. Same thing happened again. WTH?
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