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Where to get Brass


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Also check out Brassmanbrass.com

I like the idea they carry brass and nickel plated, and you can buy single headstamp if you like.

They will polish it for about $3 per thousand, not a bad deal.


Umm.. in my opinion and experience, thats a ripoff.

1000 unpolished mixed 9mm for 51$ ? Thats more than the last 45acp i bought.

I can regularly buy 9mm polished for 2.5-3 cents each, shipped. Just browse forums, check local ranges. Cheap good brass is out there.

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Sounds like brass is readily available in your area, where I am, CT/NY border, public ranges are few and far between and do not allow you to pick up others brass. I have asked and they have deals with companies that buy the brass from them, where they go from there I do not know.

If there are some reliable sites for 9mm nickel same headstamp please share, I would like to buy 3,000 or so for my next reloading run,


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Hang around the match afterward and familiarize yourself with the concept of "shooter as range vacuum". ;)

While I like the idea of picking up brass after a match, if you do so, make SURE the match is 100% over. I've heard stories about trolls waiting under the bridge to pick up the brass from our club matches before they're over and it is frowned upon...UNLESS the match is over and targets/equipment is put away. Better yet, just wait till they all leave.

One thing I LIKE about the club I'm starting to shoot with is that after each stage, someone helps pick up your brass for you while others help tape targets. Most reload, I think, so they know how nice it is when you've got several guys making sure you get your brass back. I guess that helps make up for lost brass matches elsewhere.

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