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Loading Info For 40 Cal 135 Berry's


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If you haven't already stocked up on Berry's plated 135 bullets you might consider jacketed bullets. I shoot minor with Zero's .40 165 gr hp over 3.3 gr of Clays and it feels like a 9mm and very accurate. Plated bullets are fine for IDPA but Production in USPSA requires longer shots which is when the jacketed bullets better accuracy becomes a real advantage. The Zero 165 gr. hp sells for about the same price as Berry's.


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I have data for ranier 135 tcj. It should be similar, as long as you keep the correct OAL (Experienced reloaders, please correct me if I am wrong).I am new to reloading. (actually reloaded and my first set today. I still have all of my fingers, so i guess I was somewhat succesfull :D ) I was shooting speer 155 with 6.9 gr AA No.5. It was much more controllable than the Wal Mart Winchester 165 I have been shooting out of my Springfield XD 40 5". Avg vel of 850 fps. Smooth.

Anyway, I don't remember where I found this info, but here it is:

RAN 135 TCJ min

AA GR fps

2 6.1 1103

5 9.0 1160

7 10.6 1153

9 14.4 1232

RAN 135 TCJ max

2 6.8 1253

5 10.0

7 11.8

9 16.0

It appears that I am missing max vel. I probably omitted because I am also working min production loads.

PS If anybody else has some good production 40 loads (light bullets, slower powders), let us know.


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Production with a 135 gr only requires a min of 926 fps for a 125 power factor. 972 fps would give you a 5% cushion to pass chrono. Also, a fast powder should give you less recoil and more reliable function. You could use Tightgroup, Clays, Bullseye or simular. Be sure to only crimp enough to make the mouth of the case straight with the body. Especially with plated or plain lead bullets because they are pretty soft and it's easy to deform the bullet. An 'over crimp' would give you less consistant fps and less accuracy.


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As luck would have it, I just today chrono'd some 135's (Nosler) in my SV with Clays:

4.2 gr at 1.190" = ~940fps avg

4.4 gr "" "" = ~980fps avg

If you were loading @ 1.125-1.135 OAL I might start down at 3.5-3.6 gr and work up. This is my first go around with Clays, so take it for what its worth. Over the chrono, the loads were pretty consistent. I would not recommend Titegroup for this bullet/pf combo; its just too inconsistent. Titegroup is a great powder for major PF and pressures with 180's (as always, your results may vary to start slow, chrono and watch for pressure), but its bloody awful (IME) at minor pressures with light bullets.

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I assumed that that the slower powders would give less kick. I am ussing AA#5 with 155 gr Speers. I Have a boatload of ranier 135 gr. which I have not loaded yet. Is it rue that a faster powder could give less kick than what I am using? These are basic newbie questions. I just thought that faster powders would give more kick, and be less controllable.

any input welcome: regarding burn rate VS, kick in 40

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