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  1. The great plains section was awsome. Sherwyn was in charge of this match and he did an outstanding job. 8 stages and his favorite round count was 32. I think the short stage of the match only had a round count of 24. If you missed this one you missed a great match.
  2. Yes Robbie used one on a 6" 40 cal. When I was looking at it I must say it was very interesting, I was squadded with the Tech Wear guys and they told me there is less gap in the new one.
  3. Sure got to number 14 in a hurry. Thanks for being on top of things so fast Kim.
  4. Troy, It iw when you try to use an arrival befor the 20th, which I assume most people will be trying to do. It worked last night using the 20th but not the 18th or 19th.
  5. I had the same thing happen last night and had the same results when I called the hotel direct. They were very helpfull with the reservation.
  6. Mines gone, too. Hey Keith, What number were you? Kevin and I were 14&15. Dale
  7. I just went on to check if I had move up and to my suprise the info that says what number I am has dissappeared. Does anyone else have this problem?
  8. Try getting ahold of the MN section at this address, there should be help and information available. http://www.mnuspsa.org/
  9. I have been using one for 2 or 3 years on my 650. They take a little tinkering to get it set up but once that is done it works very well. I went to a plastics supply house and picked up enough extra bullet tubes so I load about 500 before I have to stop and re-fill the tubes. For the price it is nice to have, if you try one use it for several hundred rounds before you pass judgement. I think you will find if you factor in the time to fill the tubes you are still a little faster than without using it, but the real benifit is how smooth and quick it lets you run your press. You can pay closer attention to what is going on instead of paying attention to picking up the next bullet.
  10. I agree that Ronnie and Lori did a great job, it was a very well run match by any standards and when you factor in this was their first major match it was outstanding. There is one but, toooooooooooooooooooooooo many low ports!!!!!!!!!!!! one at the last shooting position is not bad but this was to many in bad places. Yes, big, tall, fat and bad back. Thanks for a very enjoyable match.
  11. Trenavd

    Comp Cleaning

    If you go to www.kgcoatings.com they sell some great cleaning products, KG1 is a carbon solvent and it works great. The carbon under the scope mount wipes right off with a little on a rag, the same results anywhere there is carbon build up like the barrel around the chamber. To clean my comps I put some in a small bottle just slightly larger than the comp, fill it with KG1 and turn the barrel upsidedown with the comp in the solvent, after about 10 min or so the carbon is almost all gone what is left wipes right out. By clean I mean you can see the hard chrome inside the comp again. Put the cap on the bottle and it will last through many many comp cleanings. Then I spray it out with KG3 which is much better than brake cleaner or gun scrub, does not stink and easy on the hands. I know this sounds like a commercial but this stuff really works great, while you are at it try KG2 bore solvent you will never go back to Butches.
  12. I have had them both ways, I would not have an open gun without one ever again. The problems are few and benifits greeat ranging from clearing a jam to starting unloaded to acting as a kickstand for table starts.
  13. Is there any speculation on how many more slots may be available to the waiting list? #32&33 and holding on.
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