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Call for stages for the Memphis Charity Challenge

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Title says it all.

IF you have an idea and would like to submit it for use please send it on.(We may modify it to fit the bays or make it a little more challenging!!! :devil:


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I want a stage where everyone has run right to left, all doors are hung on the right side, and all hard-to-reach targets are accessible by leaning around the left side of a barricade. Thanks!


I'll second that motion! :cheers:

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I want a stage where you tune a guitar, yodel in key and then do a quadratic equation in your head]

Okay that last one was a stretch, but I do remember taking Calculus once.

You have to use the FOIL method and show your work when solving the equation.

As for stages with challenges.... How about a really tall wall or port that short fella's have to hop up and down to see over. I want payback for all those low ports and tunnels I have had to kill myself negotiating.


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Doc, Polish Plate Rack that should take care of 48 rounds.

How about 2 Polish Plate Racks on the same stage. One on the left the other all the way right with 7, US pepper poppers in a row between them that you must shoot while moving. :rolleyes::cheers:

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Bob, I forgot about the polish plate rack. nevermind I'll be talking to myself the rest of the day after all lol.

I hope the 2 months that I'm back will let me get in some good practice and hope they don't send my butt somewhere else.

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