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  1. I apologize i thought i knew better but the barrel is the problem and i have a new taccom bolt and barrel on the way.
  2. Angstadt lower, hyperfire trigger. Midway bcg
  3. Factory 115 Winchester and Remington
  4. I have a tacom buffer with the short stroke kit. 5th round through the gun i had an out of battery discharge. I thought ok new gun it hiccuped. Then it happened during a match. Both times i had a bullet in the barrel. I took the short stroke kit out and it seems to cycle better. Anyone had this happen?
  5. I had a chance to play with one of these yesterday. It mounted fairly low on the rib and seemed to make target acquistion a little faster. This was a demo and I'm not really sure of the price. Just wondering if anyone else ahd tried one?
  6. One of my friends and I have been tweaking on a couple of vinci's. One needed the carrier opened and polished due to a lip on the right side of the shell carrier. Mine didn't have this lip. both have had some slight cycling problems. My gun is suffering from recoil spring issues. anyone else had these issues?
  7. My gun is used primarily for duck/goose hunting. Any thoughts about adding the secondary recoil spring from a super Vinci to keep me from replacing them once a year. I know it probably won't cycle light loads but if I use it for 3 gun it doesn't take but a few minutes to remove.
  8. I own one of the first vinci's (camo) that came out. It's been through 3 duck seasons ( I think) and 20+ cases of shells. Half of those were 3" black cloud. I'm harder than most on duck guns. The finish is worn through on every edge and chipped off in a place or two. I just ordered my 2nd replacement recoil spring. When I ordered my first one I was apparently the first to need one. I know it seems like I'm down on the gun. I absolutely love it. I just wish I could get a extended tube for 3 gun/ goose conservation season.
  9. Bob, I forgot about the polish plate rack. nevermind I'll be talking to myself the rest of the day after all lol. I hope the 2 months that I'm back will let me get in some good practice and hope they don't send my butt somewhere else.
  10. how about a 48 round stage that way I can thoroughly screw it up and talk to myself for the rest of the day
  11. afloat without my guns

  12. If work doesn't get in the way i'll be there. I just have to get the rust off my my trigger finger. lol
  13. It's looking alot like you're going to have to get your wheel gun out Hop, Save the SS for the hillbilly classic.
  14. I can't speak for Odie, but if I hadn't already agreed to shoot the wheelgun before I saw the stages, PRD or LIM would be looking really good. But then I would have to listen to all of Hop's garbage all weekend long. Hop, What is all this SS stuff? Mr. Mississippi Classic Revo Champion
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