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  1. jlchevy

    Front sight screw

    Try to find the right screw for my trijicon suppressor height sight , trijicon has sent me 2 types both. 095 dia. A long and short but the one I removed from my sight is .085 any help is appreciated.
  2. Its a gen 1 got the jp pin and ran 100 rds worked lke it should .
  3. I talked to primary arms here in houston they said a jp pin will work so heading over there to get one.
  4. Emailed them and called have yet to hear back from them.
  5. I have a faxon bolt and had firing pin tip break last night where can i get a new one??
  6. As of 5 PM i am down 5" i can see my lights are still on , another night of GD on our road.
  7. For me it's a replay of my May flood last year , but with a 1' more water in the house . My gun shop has 4" in it but i did get some steel practice yesterday
  8. My 2 waiting on a stamp for the sig
  9. My 625 load is 3 grains wst 255 bayou 630fps 160 power factor
  10. tested some loads with 3gr wst 255gr bayou oal1.250 they avg 655 fps out of my 625 for a 167 pf very soft .
  11. Seeing if anyone has load data for the bayou 255 gr going to try them in my 625
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