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  1. Greetings to another fellow hoosier.
  2. I've found this to be true on the MBX mags as well; i dont know how many generations that the mbx mags have been through but i have had to replace the older gen mbx with a grams spring and follower kit. Since replacing them with the grams kit everything has been fine.
  3. How fast are the factory rounds moving? I'm shooting 180gr at ~950fps and using a 12# spring with my 2011.
  4. I'm not sure why SVI doesn't offer a sight block gun but the sight block is nice to have because it acts as a weight to help eat the recoil. I dont know how much weight fitting an island barrel to a slide would take off of the slide as compared to a sight block gun but i would be interested if anyone has any comparisons. I have a 2011 on the way right now thats fitted for a sight block and the tri-topped slide weights 9.7oz.
  5. Thats super bizarre, can you post pictures of the parts? Im really curious to see.
  6. I personally prefer to have green FO front post. I shoot a lot at indoor ranges and the lighting can really wash out all black because of the range's dark backstop. I have tried both larger (1.5mm) and small diameter (1mm) FOs and definitely prefer the small diameter; with the 1.5mm i find is too easy to misread and will cause me to misplace shots.
  7. I've had a hard time figuring out information about this topic too; a lot of the information seems to be from industry websites trying to hype up their product which makes me less inclined to believe their claims. I know that LMT cryo-treats their barrels for all of their AR's.
  8. The most I can load my TSO mags to are 1.16 without having them hit the mag tubes; I tried 1.17 and I had issues with them feeding.
  9. im interesting in seeing the data for this as well. edit: this might help you:
  10. Greetings everyone, I recently found a deal on a used Tanfoglio witness chambered in 38 super imported in 1993. The gun needs a lot of work as it looks like bubba got his hands on it. I'd like to bring it up-to-date but I don't know what exactly is stock on this and what was an "enhancement" to the previous owner. I'm hoping this turns into a fun project gun. Here are my questions about this old witness: 1. Did the frame come drilled for the optic mount when this was imported? 2. Is the compensator a custom job or was this a model that widely offered?
  11. I believe there was a polymer trigger and guide rod on the older models, someone correct me if im wrong.
  12. Im not sure if others have had this problem but the rear sight adjustment screw's threads just got stripped off. I started rear sight rear sight adjustment screw Thankfully cz's support is great and I spoke to them about this over the phone and they're replacing it. I told them that i had been playing with different recoil springs and took the buffer off; they said that it was unlikely that the recoil could have done it but I don't know what else it could have been. What sights does everyone else use? im thinking of switching to a fixed rear sight after
  13. do you feel like it makes any difference? im very new to uspsa and gun tuning and im curious to what other's experiences are with the buffers.
  14. I took mine out on my 40. Cajun recommends against buffers; they reason that while the buffer wears and tears that the material from the buffer will eventually work its way into obstructing the trigger mechanisms.
  15. They have this listed under their parts for a TSO so im curious how much fitting, if at all, it would take to get it on a TSO.
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