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  1. I personally run the 150s but got some 137s to test out. I have previously run 125 and 135 of other manufacturers and haven't really noticed enough of a difference to dislike the 150s. No problem splitting 0.11-0.12 at close targets so it's not slowing me down, its all the other things .
  2. Just received 20k primers from Natchez. Next day shipping to North Carolina.
  3. I have a FFB, just bought a month ago, absolutely no issues.
  4. Amen, have the exact same separator.
  5. Probably shot out of a Walther as they have a stepped chamber.
  6. My experience with GS tungsten guide rod was that it had a very coarse finish. Chucked it in the drill press and sanded with 2k grit sandpaper and blue magic which made a huge difference cycling the gun. Because of their flat wire spring I use a little oil to help reduce friction. Won't hurt a thing.
  7. Humblemarksman did some tests and the lightened slide had more felt recoil. YEMV
  8. Yes, I use it with the large back strap and have 6oz of tungsten putty and tungsten bb's in the cavity and between the frame and backstrap.
  9. 115 HAPs in stock at Midsouth
  10. I was flaring about like you at the .382-.383 mark and while my bullets would only occasionally fall they were shaving nearly every time I would seat. I took the advice of one of the members on here and started flaring around .385-.386 and all my problems went away.
  11. @MemphisMechanic , this should help.
  12. Think it's due to only allowing purchase of 1 brick so they are discontinuing case purchase.
  13. Yeah, should of checked before I referred you.
  14. Do you find yourself waiting to hear the ding @ 25yd steel with that load? My 160s are 800 fps and it seems like an eternity some times.
  15. For what it's worth, the best score at a GSSF indoor match I have had to date was with 160gr RN coated in my G17.5
  16. Awesome job. Where did you get the coupler(part#)?
  17. Ordered from Brass Monkey Bullets yesterday, got shipping confirmation today.
  18. Just happened to be on BSPS, they had one in stock. At my door in 3 days.
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