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  1. So is being set in your ways and not adjusting to changing times.
  2. I shot mine in carry optics for around 6 months and enjoyed shooting it.
  3. I’m not sure why you quoted my post... I have an HBI trigger kit in my Carry Optics gun and am back to running the stock followers in my mags since I couldn’t get the grams followers to work in my gun with CZ Custom base pads. I did modify the stock follower in the way that’s shown on Henning’s website. I personally haven’t modified any of the internal parts of the gun other then replacing the parts that some with the HBI kit.
  4. I’m pretty certain that the recoil spring is a standard ISMI spring like you would find in a gen 3 Glock, just insert your desired poundage.
  5. I’ve read his post and saw the pictures. I had already bought the grams kit awhile back, but I may give that a try at some point.
  6. Played with this a bit last night some more and the issue for me seems to happen when there are over 20 rounds in the mag. I’m using CZC base pads and grams kit for P series mags, so 23 rounds in the mag is possible, with a CGW steel guide rod and 15# recoil spring. I shot some factory 147 FN American Eagle through it, some 124 blazer, and then some of my friend’s reloads that are round nose 147 but the OAL is a tad shorter. The shorter OAL seemed to help vs the factory. I was planning on shooting this at a local match this weekend with the gun, so I’ll see how it does after Sunday. Also planning to shoot it the rest of the year.
  7. I ordered one of these at the end of last week. I’m looking forward to trying it out.
  8. Let me try out the new, correct followers I’m getting this week then I’ll find some 147 FN’s and try it out. I’ll report back on what happens.
  9. So, I had a pretty significant issue with some 147 American Eagle fmj stuff which is a flat nose round like the syntech round is. When I ordered my original base pads and followers, i believe I got sent the 75 mag follower kit and not the p series mag kit. I swapped back to the stock guts in the interim and haven’t had an issue, but I should have the correct kit sometime next week. I settled on the gun just not liking the flat nose rounds, and I’ve burned off all that I had left fortunately though somewhat frustrating at the time. So now I’m shooting 124 blazer through it at the moment. No issues so far.
  10. I’d go back if it’s driving distance. If I had to fly, then it would depend because of the cost to me. If money and time off from work weren’t factors, that would be a definite yes.
  11. The most severe weather happened late in the day Thursday after everything had been put together for today, Friday, so people could shoot. Most people had already left by the time that the weather hit the range, but yes there were definitely carports from multiple bays gone and they tumbled, several feet in the air, across the range.
  12. Jabberwalkie09

    p-10F issue

    I just put together a P-10F OR to dabble in the CO arena after the area match next month assuming I get to go. I’ve put through maybe a few hundred rounds and the slide lock is actually improved for me. Though I find that if I slap the mag in hard enough, the slide flies forward most of the time. Seeing as how I just got this together this last week, I haven’t tried much yet.
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