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  1. Brownells has 4lb containers of N320 in stock.
  2. Thanks. I was finally able to order some.
  3. I bought some .40 P09 mags in anticipation of this gun. The feed lips are different between them and my 9mm P09 mags. It looks like .40 will feed out of the 9mm mags, but I don't have a way to test it. 9mm feed lips make good, even contact with the .40 case.
  4. There's a post earlier in the thread that shows it's possible to get 21+1 in a 140mm mag.
  5. I use N320 with a BB 147gr FP. I also have used Titegroup in the past with a variety of bullets.
  6. Do we know if the DWX uses P09 mags or the newer P10F mags? I have some older P09 mags, but none of the updated P10F mags.
  7. I wish the checkering on the compact frame was more aggressive. I wonder why they chose the 75 compact mags vs. the P07/10 mags. Either way, definitely interested in both models.
  8. This looks like it could be a great value for a limited blaster. I'm definitely tempted to try one since I'm currently saving for a new gun. Does anybody have experience running the .40 P09 mags? Can they get 20-21 in a 140mm tube?
  9. K-wal

    Shadow 2

    I've got about 6k on the original buffer and it shows almost no wear at all. I run an 11 pound recoil spring.
  10. Just shot this one last night. Scored a mid B percentage. We had at least three people in the squad put 6 shots on one of the middle targets.
  11. I never had any issues running the 11.5# spring and CCI primers when I first got my. Shadow 2. Didn’t use the extended firing pin or new FP spring either. I’m now using Winchester primers and still have not encountered any problems.
  12. I had previously decided that I want to save up for an Atlas this year. These recent posts have me worried about that decision. Maybe I should look elsewhere for a 2011? I've only heard good things about Atlas guns until recently.
  13. K-wal

    CZ Shadow 2

    How much of a difference have you noticed with the T5 installed?
  14. K-wal

    CZ Shadow 2

    I swapped to a 11.5 pound mainspring and a 11 pound recoil spring. Also did some polishing of the internals and added Lok Palmswell Bogies. I have to admit I am tempted to add CGW parts to see how much better it can get.
  15. Hello all, I've been browsing this forum for a couple years and have learned much. I decided it was finally time to create an account. I currently shoot Production with a mostly stock Shadow 2. This is a great forum and I look forward to learning even more.
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