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  1. Meh the back and forth is unecessary. Yes the mag malfunction was what caused my issue due improperly seating the mag on my part. However 10Cup is correct the time to clear the malfunction was exacerbated by the added issue the hole created so why not fix it.
  2. Definitely not true. I have experienced a double feed then when trying to clear the malfunction by dropping the mag pulling the bolt back one of the live rounds actually finds it's way into the hole. Happened two times out of the three matches I've shot.
  3. Ooh what magwell is that! Thanks for the pix that's exactly what I did.
  4. Thanks
  5. Ok JB weld it is silly problem to have for a rifle this expensive. Did you fill it up all the way? Could you post pictures? I've only shot 3 matches with this rifle and it's already happened twice. What should have been an easy tap rack took quite a bit of effort to clear.
  6. Did anyone find a solution for this?
  7. Anyone find that Jtech bag in stock anywhere... that thing really looks like the business.
  8. My daughters ready to start shooting but I'm trying to find a belt that's 26" or smaller the only company I have found that makes one is safariland is there anyone I'm missing?
  9. I simply Jedi Force draw my blaster at the buzzer it's how Master Yoda taught me.
  10. Check it out I was given the opportunity to try a V7 hybrid 57 degree ambi selector with titanium core, a V7 ultralight port door, and a v7 muzzle brake. First if you are not familiar with V7 Weapon Systems they have brought to market many innovative, precision made parts and are definitely a company to watch and follow as the things they are producing bring new vision to a classic design. CHECK OUT ALL THEIR OFFERINGS HERE!!! http://www.v7weaponsystems.com/ So on to the gear first up the 57 degree selector it is exactly what you imagine a safety with a shorter throw. It is well built, and very tough feeling not the normal type of piece you would find in say a STAG LPK or an RRA LPK this is a quality piece of equipment and just from looks, and feel an obvious upgrade to the normal offerings. Prior to this I have had a chance to use an RRA safety as well as the BADASS selector, so in comparison the V7 piece is lighter, better machined, and better in feel. Once installed the safety does as promised. Your safety will be disabled at 57 degrees versus the 90 degree stock selector. The selector is very tactile and gives an audible and firm click. The safety is very stiff out of the box but I was told this could be remedied simply by trimming the detent spring that comes with it. I chose not too because I do like it firm. With all the great things about the safety I found one flaw that is likely more a personal issue than something everyone will find to be a problem. The problem for me was that the offhand side of the selector would dig into the webbing of the outside of my hand just below the first knuckle of my trigger finger this was only before placing my finger in the trigger guard. Likely not everyone will have as high a grip as me or the same monkey paws. Regardless it’s worth a mention that the off side of the ambi selector could be shorter or if you do grip high and have big hands you may prefer a strong hand only safety. Here are some pictures for you to see the safety in action. Next up is the lightweight port door. I know the first thing you’re going to say is THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY PORT DOOR, and to that I say there is nothing wrong with your port door until you try V7's PORT DOOR! First the thing is sexy. Remember how AR's were akin to the M16's carry handles and plastic hand guards well the modern AR boasts a flat top and definitely a more modular and sleek look so why keep that old port door with the odd indentations on it when you have a choice? Here’s a pic of your grandpas port door on a beautiful Mega Match set upper/lower. Now compare that to my V7 port door on my noveske upper and well I'm sure you will come to the same conclusion as I did. This damn door is GOOD LOOKING and for you three gunners the lightweight port door offers a 43% lower weight than the standard milspec steel door coming in at a svelte 8.3 grams. V7 does offer some custom laser marks as well as FDE or OD doors for those that want everything to be matchy matchy. Last is the muzzle brake one thing to note this is a standard muzzle brake and V7 does have plans to come to market with a 3 Gun specific muzzle brake. I haven't had a chance to install and shoot it but know a video will be posted soon enough comparing this bad boy to my SJC Titan. Well that’s it for now I hope I have wet your whistle to some of the things V7 is bringing to the shooting world. Some of the things they have available since the last time I visited their site include stripped uppers, a new rail system, a titanium gas block, and a forward assist all with weight loss in mind! V7 is a Mom and Pop shop up in Oregon and they definitely are here to stay please give them a quick visit and if you do purchase from them please let them know that KG Shooters sent you their way.
  11. jonb.

    Drop in Short Reset Trigger

    Thank you very much for clarifying!
  12. jonb.

    Drop in Short Reset Trigger

    yes.. that is the part of the disconnector the trigger bar pushes on for DA, so then coming forward the bar needs to slip in front of it for the DA stroke. it might need just a slight bevel cut on the bottom to insure the bar is slipping past.
  13. So if I tin the stock barrel of my production gun I can continue to shoot production?
  14. Can you refinish a barrel? Like tin coating a barrel specifically?
  15. Are they the same size specifically my factory mags that came with the shadow and these mecs?
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