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  1. do you still have bbi 125g bullets. Im local

  2. jonb.

    Which Shadow 2

    Thanks for the history makes sense.
  3. jonb.

    Which Shadow 2

    Wasn’t an issue in my SPO1 and not an issue in my Shadow 2. More an issue replacing that spring and getting the roll pin back in.
  4. jonb.

    Which Shadow 2

    In addition to what has been said above I would also do the CGW floating trigger pin, and a short reset disconnector from CZ custom or CGW also a worthwhile investment.
  5. 1. Federal and No way my primers are seated too high. 2. Had to rack the round out. 3. Single action
  6. I have a Shadow 2 that I shot for the first time at a match on Saturday. I experienced a few light strikes with an 11.5lb main spring so mid match I put the factory back in. Even after going back to stock I experienced 2 more light strikes. So I went back to the notes on my original shadow targets in the hopes I will be able to recreate what went right with that pistol. My target runs flawless with any and all primers and it has an extended firing pin and Rami firing pin spring as well as a 13lb mainspring. Since I had both guns apart I figured I would check to see if the extended firing
  7. First I love my GMR it’s great after shooting it for 2 years I haven’t done a thing to it except add a Cmore. That said I am looking to do some upgrades to make it lighter and I would like to add an RMR on a 45 mount. So here’s a couple things I hope the forum could help me with: Any issues for those that had a dissipator taking it off? What carbon fiber handguards do you guys recommend? I have seen a few magwells specific to the GMR but none that really blend well with the rifle anything new out there? What 45 mount do you all reccomend and where are you all mounting them
  8. jonb.

    Shadow 2

    This was my first thought and made me start the thread since I have read on multiple posts of taking them out but not really getting into the why.
  9. jonb.

    Shadow 2

    Thanks all for the responses. My fear of the buffer pad breaking are gone. So I will just try with and without while I dial in the springs and my load.
  10. jonb.

    Shadow 2

    So I unfortunately live in a 10 day wait state but I got to handle it today and take it apart. I haven’t shot a Shadow 2 with a buffer pad but I have in a 2011 I ended up taking it out. The shadow 2 is significantly heavier but the slide seems similar to my Target shadow. So I wonder why they made them part of the design with such a beefier frame.
  11. jonb.

    Shadow 2

    Just received my Shadow 2 and wanted to get input on the recoil pad. I have read a few people posting that they removed theirs while at the same time changing out the usual suspects (springs, short reset, etc). What are the benefits if any to leaving the pads in and what are the benefits to removing them? Thanks in advance!
  12. This is great thanks for posting all your work I have a frame I have been sitting on out of fear of messing it up up!
  13. I want my little one to start shooting but am unsure what gun and what class to have her start she's versed with her 10/22 and her Ruger so I just need a pistol she can rack with a light recoil. Any suggestions?
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