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  1. I have the e2 and use the sv insert. I did have to slightly file it to get it perfect. Took like 2 minutes.
  2. I use clp and q tips and works great
  3. If anyone is interested in seeing one Of Dons latest Masterpieces being shot at speed . Here ya go .
  4. It’s hard to say cause the shorter binary has 3 popple a whereas the long has 2. I really can’t tell the difference shooting The two guns with hybrid barrels and binary eng comps. They both shoot nice and feel less violent in the hands . After shooting about a thousand rounds each I can shoot them equally well. They are both more than capable of what I can do.
  5. I forgot to mention about the popple holes cause they are a little different. The shorty binary engineering has 3 and the long has only two 3/8 holes . The cheely gun has two 1/8” holes .
  6. So I finally got a chance to compare the two different binary engineering comps. I did some doubles comparing my Venom with the short binary , my backup gun with new top end and long version and my old main gun with a cheely 4 port titanium. Load used for testing is 10.3 gn of AA7 at 1.165 oal w/ Everglades 115 gn jhp v2’s, 173 pf out of all 3 guns . Enjoy
  7. Was sent a progress pic today of this beauty. Almost there!
  8. Sure is. I have another gun getting a new top end with the longer one. Once I shoot both I can report back .
  9. progress pic of mine . Supposed to be done this week! Super excited
  10. Thanks for not being the only one jumping to conclusions . I’ve been had on gun part deals before and it sucks. I would never do that to anyone else
  11. For the record I messaged shmella offering to buy it back if he truly feels I sold him a knowingly broken dot . The one I sold him was off my backup practice gun which had not been giving me any issues . Again the broken one is now on my AR rifle I just plink with .
  12. I still have the one that wasn’t working. I sold you the one off my backup that hadnt even been shot much yet. The one I was having issues with I threw on my at pistol
  13. I kinda disagree with this . I ran the R3 for a little over a month and shot maybe 3k rounds before it broke. Kept shutting off in the middle of stages randomly. Happened twice at a club match nd once at a sectional . I also had a similar experience with a DPP but that took maybe 6k before it broke. Been running an rts 2 since and it has over 10 k with zero issues. And i see most people running rts 2 s around my area and have had good results
  14. That slide work though! Excited to see how that binary engineering comp runs with my hybrid barrel build
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