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  1. Knguyen1904

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    +1 for go gun and I’d say I have medium/ small hands
  2. So did you still want the mags? 

  3. Knguyen1904

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    I prefer hs6 with 115s, autocomp works well too though.
  4. Knguyen1904

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    I prefer hs6 with 115s, autocomp works well too though.
  5. Knguyen1904

    Locktite for cmore mount?

    I just use blue loctite and never had an issue. Like stated above just be sure to clean the work area with acetone or some kind of degreaser . I also like to take a paint pen and make a witness mark in all the screw heads so I can visually see if one is starting to back out
  6. Knguyen1904

    Is anyone running the new CK steel grip

    I run two of the original steel textured ones . both on 9 major open guns. I’d say I have medium small hands (im 5”7 on a good day) and they work just fine. Definitely want some pro grip on those hot days but they will bite into your hands good .
  7. Knguyen1904

    Sti Matchmaster issues ... help please

    Yea I replaced it a few weeks ago. Tore the gun down completely and cleaned and inspected everything. Going to test fire today.
  8. So I just shot a match today with my STI matchmaster back up gun since my primary is getting some work done . For whatever reason I could not fire two rounds consecutively at all. First round would go bang next round would seem to chamber all the way I’d press the trigger and then no bang. If I reracked the slide manually the next round would fire. Upon inspection of the manually injected rounds there was no smear or evidence of a light strike. I’m assuming for whatever reason the gun wasn’t completely into battery since there were no smears or light strike marks. Anybody have an idea on what it could be. I’ve had this problem maybe once or twice during my practice session yesterday of 500+ rounds but today it was literally every round. Anyone have any ideas on what may be going on.
  9. Knguyen1904

    Advantages and disadvantages of 155mm mags

    I’ve been running a 155 for a while as my reload mag (1st pouch) and I see a negligible difference in reload times compared to a 140. Only negative is the springs are super stiff for me. Been thinking about throwing a grams lot in it .
  10. Knguyen1904

    Does anyone else think the Rts2 is a POS?

    I’ve been wondering how these ran. Thanks for the info !
  11. Knguyen1904

    "Graduating" to an open gun?

    I walked on into Open personally . I started with a Glock 40 Open gun with sjc parts and shortly switched to a 2011 in 9 major. The gun is definitely a flat shooter but you still need good grip. It’s less of a flip and more of a push feeling is how I’d like to describe it
  12. Knguyen1904

    First open gun

    Hey im in Nebraska too. Both my guns I bought used . I actually found one at a somewhat local cabelas in the gun library. Got a more then fair deal on it I feel considering the parts list. I then bought a sti matchmaster off the classifieds section on here . If cost is an issue which I feel it is for most of us I think used is the better way to go. Especially because who knows if you like shooting open. There’s a lot that goes with it I’m learning.
  13. Knguyen1904

    Breaking down a stage

    This is solid advice. I’m still a new shooter but I like to plan on what’s the most efficient way of doing it that I can actually pull off in live fire. I used to try and do what more experienced shooters in my squad were doing but then realized I can’t always do that cause my skill just isn’t there yet to do what they can
  14. Knguyen1904

    Too popple...or not to popple.

    Lots of good info on here. I’m looking to get mine done here in the near future. I currently run 8.5 gn hs6 with a PD 115jhp our of a 5” infinity ultimatch barrel . What bullet weights are you guys running with popples
  15. Knguyen1904

    Rts2 or dpp

    I love the dpp but it’s reliabilty has been questionable. I do shoot a lot though maybe 3-4K rounds a month depending on available time. Recently swapped a rts 2 from my backup to my main gun. Haven’t bailed on the DPP yet just going to give the rts2 a whirl. Anyone have lengthy experience with the Romeo 3