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  1. I’ve had great luck with the SRO . I have 1 that has 25k plus rounds on my open gun and spent a few months on my CO gun for a few thousand rounds during the fall/winter and is now back on my open gun. Only have changed the battery once as a contingency to make sure it doesn’t die during a stage . Highly recommend . As for the ghost dot I’ve experienced it once but if you take a plaster and create a very small hood/cowl over the emitter the “problem” goes away .
  2. Hey I like the looks of that . Looks familiar
  3. Same ! According to my smith it’s bound to happen at some point .
  4. Been running the SRO for a few months on top gun . I shot two majors and several local matches as well as practiced a ton with it . I approx have 8k rounds on it so far and it has been awesome. I was using RTS2s in 8 MOA and they have been rock solid for me . The only reason I “upgraded “ was because the RTS2s could be hard to find in very bright light for my poor vision . So far I much more prefer the 2.5 MOA SRO over the 8 MOA rts 2 . Dot is no problem for me to see in any lighting conditions and I’m still on the original battery . I actually recently just bought a second SRO for my back up. So far I’m liking them a lot and haven’t used anything better and I’ve tried em all and broke pretty much every other micro out there except the rts 2.
  5. Loving it . Probably have just shy of 5k on it and it is still bright as day 1 on the same battery and have had ZERO issues with it . I loved my rts 2 but was hard to find at times In bright sunlight and I was changing the battery at least twice a month .
  6. Been running mine all of 2019 . It’s Approaching 20k Rounds thus far and has been run hard in practice . Definitely having a twin built for 2020 . I Used to have a ipsc Alex double sided mount and rts2 but have been running the sro the past 3k rounds on this piece .
  7. Just an update . I have over 4K rounds on mine thus far with zero issues . Same battery as well with no dimming in sight yet . And that’s leaving it on during practice and matches . I also shot it for Oklahoma and Great Plains Sectional In 100 degree index weather and bright sunlight and was still very easy to pick up turned down 1 click from brightest setting .
  8. I’m running the 2.5 . It’s very easy to pick up. Was using 8 MOA rts 2 always on full brightness. With the sro I’m 2 clicks down from max in bright sunlight . Hope that helps
  9. I have 1k rounds through my 2.5 so far. Was running a rts 2 8 MOA. Rts2 has been solid but can be a little hard to find in very bright sun light hence the switch. So far so good with sro . I don’t really expect it to break . I own various Trijicon optics and the don’t put out crap products . Dot is very defined and more than bright enough . I actually shot a “pro am” style match this past weekend and had to turn the brightness down from max . Really happy so far .
  10. Does anyone know the exact time open registration begins on practiscore?
  11. No it comes back just as easy
  12. I use the sv one . And I love the original e2 . Plan on swapping to the aggressive on this gun and then replacing the legacy cheely grip on my backup with this “old” e2 . Honestly the original e2 is plenty grippy especially over the legacy. Curious to see how the aggressive feels .
  13. I have the e2 and use the sv insert. I did have to slightly file it to get it perfect. Took like 2 minutes.
  14. I use clp and q tips and works great
  15. If anyone is interested in seeing one Of Dons latest Masterpieces being shot at speed . Here ya go .
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