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  1. Knguyen1904

    Sig Romeo3 on an Open gun?

    Thanks for not being the only one jumping to conclusions . I’ve been had on gun part deals before and it sucks. I would never do that to anyone else
  2. Knguyen1904

    Sig Romeo3 on an Open gun?

    For the record I messaged shmella offering to buy it back if he truly feels I sold him a knowingly broken dot . The one I sold him was off my backup practice gun which had not been giving me any issues . Again the broken one is now on my AR rifle I just plink with .
  3. Knguyen1904

    Sig Romeo3 on an Open gun?

    I still have the one that wasn’t working. I sold you the one off my backup that hadnt even been shot much yet. The one I was having issues with I threw on my at pistol
  4. Knguyen1904

    Sig Romeo3 on an Open gun?

    I kinda disagree with this . I ran the R3 for a little over a month and shot maybe 3k rounds before it broke. Kept shutting off in the middle of stages randomly. Happened twice at a club match nd once at a sectional . I also had a similar experience with a DPP but that took maybe 6k before it broke. Been running an rts 2 since and it has over 10 k with zero issues. And i see most people running rts 2 s around my area and have had good results
  5. Knguyen1904

    Venom Customs!?

    That slide work though! Excited to see how that binary engineering comp runs with my hybrid barrel build
  6. Knguyen1904

    Venom Customs!?

    I just sent a box full of parts to Don yesterday for a 9 major hybrid barrel build. I’m also switching to double sided mounts on each of my guns, 1with an infinity and the other with a ipsc Alex Mount. Mainly because of gas from my popples dirtying up my RTS2 fairly quickly on my current main blaster . Crossing my fingers I don’t come up with ejection issues. Very excited to finalize build details and get it back in my hands . His machine work looks incredible.
  7. Knguyen1904

    Accurate #7 9 Major Recipe

    Any starting loads for a 115 blue bullet?
  8. Knguyen1904

    Accurate #7 9 Major Recipe

  9. Knguyen1904

    Accurate #7 9 Major Recipe

    How full is the case at 10 grains. Any chance you have a picture . Thanks
  10. Knguyen1904

    RTS2 2011 mount

    I like the Everglades mount. Rock solid and reasonably priced . However I’m switching to an infinity mount cause I recently added popples and the blast shield isn’t helping at all. The infinity sits back a little farther. Crossing my fingers my dot will stay a little cleaner between stages
  11. Knguyen1904

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    +1 for go gun and I’d say I have medium/ small hands
  12. So did you still want the mags? 

  13. Knguyen1904

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    I prefer hs6 with 115s, autocomp works well too though.
  14. Knguyen1904

    Favorite powder for 9mm Major in open pistols

    I prefer hs6 with 115s, autocomp works well too though.
  15. Knguyen1904

    Locktite for cmore mount?

    I just use blue loctite and never had an issue. Like stated above just be sure to clean the work area with acetone or some kind of degreaser . I also like to take a paint pen and make a witness mark in all the screw heads so I can visually see if one is starting to back out