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  1. Until CO took over the planet, ESP was mostly CZ and 1911 types. Glock was the hotness in SSP. When the 320X optic ready came out, everybody showed up with them practically overnight. Now it’s split between the 320 and modded CZs. Pretty much anybody shooting a stock gun has a NV next to their name around here.
  2. Ok, first off, I'm not advocating a rule change, any boycotts, letter writing campaigns, or burnings of the rule book while chanting "43oz". This is just for my curiosity. Who thinks the "no added weight" rule is somewhat outdated? Today you clearly have stock guns built to take advantage of the 43oz rule - the XFive Legion and the Q5 SF come right to mind. If one gun is allowed to weigh 43oz, why can't the others be made to weigh the same, as long as it's not over 43oz - even if just for, say, ESP? Right now the rules say you can't have a tungsten guide rod in your Glock, but the guy with the Sig can have his whole frame made of tungsten infused space shuttle stuff. You can have an add on magwell, but it can't be made of brass, etc. It just seems kind of - old - like when a 3oz Seattle Slug in your G17 was some sort of unfair advantage. I understand the logic -- IDPA is for "carry" guns and "nobody" carries 43oz guns (then why is the rule 43oz and not 30oz?). Oh, 43oz is the weight of your average 1911 (but they said 43oz is too heavy, so why even have a CDP class?). Adding weight isn't a real advantage in "small" stages (then why is it banned if it doesn't matter). Like I said, I'm not trying to kick the hornets nest. I enjoy shooting IDPA. Yes, I think of it as a game more than anything else. I understand the rules are what the rules are. I'm just curious what other people think about the subject. So, what's your opinion: Yea, as long as it's not over 43oz it should be okay. Nope, leave the rules as they are. I could kinda go for a 34oz SSP limit and a 45oz ESP limit......(hmmmm..). Everybody's going CO so who cares.
  3. It would seem that IDPA has just the right weight selected to keep a lot of otherwise good guns out. Another 2-3oz would open the door to many other guns that would then be legal.
  4. Sig is probably funneling some money into IDPA somehow. Of course, this is going to open the door to "what about.....".
  5. I thought it was just my monitor. I read the part about the blue looking good on the gun and I'm saying to myself "what blue"?
  6. There has to be a purpose to the drill. Are you practicing seeing the front sight? Initial grip? Draw? As long as you're working on something the practice is ok. When I shot a lot of trap, I'd see people shoot a whole box on a station as "practice". I need to practice the straight aways, or hard left's or hard rights. Strangely enough, by shell #17 or so, they'd start hitting them with authority and they'll think their "practice" was paying off. What they were actually doing was just developing a rhythm at that one station. Unfortunately, they weren't practicing what happens in a round of trap. Once they moved to another station their rhythm got thrown off and they were back to where they started. Point is, if you practice draw, 1 shot, holster. draw, 1 shot, holster, you're training yourself to draw and fire only 1 shot - which is not what you do during a match.
  7. Red. Ordered the red and green refill pack when I bought the Dawson sight. I think the red is working fine for me.
  8. k80clay


    M bottom barrel, IM top barrel. Don't look for the first target to break before moving to the second (you hit it or you didn't - you don't get a second chance) and the IM should be fine. Like I've heard said - there's no extra credit for smoke.
  9. k80clay

    Trap gun?

    Looks like the clays thread just doesn't see much action on a pistol site. But for the record, the 391 would make a great choice - even 15 years later.
  10. Rule changes are always met with gnashing of teeth and underbreath comments, because it's different. If you had started shooting IDPA with the 1sec/pd rule, there'd be no cursing because it was always what it was. Shooters will adapt. Top shooters will still be top shooters. Personally, I think it was done because spray and pray had become a match strategy.
  11. I bought a P Match Pro for IDPA also. Have a Stock 3 also that would cover the USPSA angle....if there were any shoots around here.
  12. I bought a 4" wide roll of rubber texture grip tape off amazon. Been cutting my own for several guns here and there out of it. I think it was 4"x 10 feet long or something for $20. Clean with lighter fluid, then alcohol, apply, heat with heat gun (gently). I always thought the skateboard tape was a bit too krinkly - like bending a piece of cardboard.
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