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  1. It would seem that IDPA has just the right weight selected to keep a lot of otherwise good guns out. Another 2-3oz would open the door to many other guns that would then be legal.
  2. Sig is probably funneling some money into IDPA somehow. Of course, this is going to open the door to "what about.....".
  3. 38 or 45 magazines won't fit in small frames.
  4. Man, there's entirely too much "showin' off" in this thread. Nice guns though.
  5. You simply explain that it's somebody's birthday somewhere.....
  6. When I shot in a winter trap league, we used to leave the boxes of shotgun shells on the dashboard of the car in the sun to keep them warm and grab them when it was time to shoot. Was only 2 boxes so it wasn't a big deal. People who left their stuff out in the cold waiting (couple hours sometimes) always seemed to have the occasional squib or noticeably weak shell. Now, everybody reloaded at the time and it could have been just a short powder charge, but we still tried to keep the shells warm to a point. I guess what I'm saying is don't shoot cold rounds over the chrono unless you just want to see what happens, and I sure wouldn't be giving any cold rounds to be tested before a match.
  7. 7500 mi a year? Man, you should let her out more.
  8. You don't have any ejection issues? Between the thumb rest and the optic mount, it looks a little tight.
  9. How good are your eyes? If you have a bit of astigmatism, the dots on the RDS will appear a bit fuzzy and larger. To me, the dots appear a bit fuzzy. I was told a few years back that I have a bit of astigmatism (not enough to be corrected at the time).
  10. I think this is as true now as it was back then. I thought the position on the add on magwell vs. integral part of the grip thing - part was interesting. To me, "bull" just meant thick walled. Coned was, well, coned. As far as trying to thwart any forward weight shift bias, I would think they'd be similar but guess not. It's funny how the "simple" games always seem to have the most complicated rules in the name of being "simple".
  11. Calling the thing the "street sweeper" probably didn't do it any favors. I think it was one of the new no-no's in the 94 AWB, but a lot of things got swept up in that fiasco. I had a Ruger P89 then (only gun) and I remember buying USA "hi cap" magazines a few days after the ban. Didn't work - at all. You could actually see the feed lips were not even parallel. Didn't matter. You could fix it later. What mattered was it was "pre ban". Magazine manufacturers must have had the machines turned up to 125% just to crank them out as fast as they could. Back then, the big question to the ATF was why was a magazine made on Sept 12 1994 ok and one built Sept 13 1994 was the creation of the devil himself. Of course, there was no answer.
  12. I thought it was just my monitor. I read the part about the blue looking good on the gun and I'm saying to myself "what blue"?
  13. Many times the degree of what must be hand fit depends on the number of other parts that were hand fit. Drop in this most likely is compatible with drop in that, but if that has been extensively modified or hand fit, this will most likely require some modification or fitting itself. I bought a last ditch Para when they were clearing them out a couple years ago. The trigger was just plain bad. By the time I cleaned up the trigger a bit, the grip safety wouldn't work. The original trigger had so much creep in it somebody at Para (or Remington) had filed the grip safety ear down to a nub to get the whole thing to work. Now that there wasn't the creep and the sear released sooner, there wasn't enough length on the grip ear to block the bow. Whole thing was a mess but it shows how individual pieces don't function in a vacuum.
  14. There were rumors of Remington bringing back the Para frames - were some that that was why they bought them in the first place. I bought one of the last ditch Para Expert 1911's when Para was dumping them and it was.....bad....no other word for it. I hope Remington QC makes an effort to push the Para legacy back up to where it used to be.
  15. I load on a Pro 1000. Yes, it's one of those things where if everything is working right, it's ok. When things start to go sideways, it's best to just walk away for a bit.
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