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  1. Totally agree. It's simply works, no tuning, no spray. Take it out of the box and start filling primer tubes (very quickly). Couldn't be happier!
  2. My gem pro stopped holding Zero. It would float all over the place. +- 10 or so grains. Bought mine around 2015-2016. Contacted them about warranty and got the same response as the OP, no longer servicing them. I got a full refund and bought a fx120i. Haven't looked back.
  3. Agreed. My gempro died about 6 months ago. I got a FX-120I. Which is a huge upgrade over gempro (no more floating zero). I ordered the V3 auto trickler and auto throw about 2 months ago. I received it 2 weeks ago. Probably the best peice of reloading equipment I own. It simply just works. No tinkering no BS. Just plug it in, download the app and start loading. I just loaded a OCW, 3 rounds with 8 different charges in about 15-20 minutes. Thats including seating the bullets.
  4. Good deal at Midsouth. I use both the Hornady and the M7 powder measure with my EVO. With 9mm the M7 has a longer funnel which allows for less dwell at the bottom position (funnel stays in case longer as the tool head moves in the upward position). However the difference minimal. With 223 you may not experience this. Also, the hopper is larger on th M7. Both work well and you cannot go wrong with either. I get about .04gr variance with both. Btw the hornady you can get the micrometer adjuster. That speeds things up if you do l multiple load charges. I wish M7 would come out with one for there measure.
  5. I'm not worrying. I'm going off of the manufacturer recommendations. But dont take my word for it. Here is what CCI had to say about spraying silicone. "We have never heard of lubricating primers for any reason. These are designed to be ready for use. With that we would not advise spraying them with anything as this can alter performance. Thanks, Cody B./Technical Service Rep. CCI/Speer/Alliant 2299 Snake River Ave. Lewiston, ID 83501 The silicone or "lubing primers" was the least of my issue's with the primer pro. And yes I purchased one and tried to make it work. Like other said, it had all sorts of problems. It's cheaply made and mine did not work. Upside down primers, jammed tray, slow feed on the ramp, plastic materials, etc. I totally agree with what others on here have stated "ITS GARBAGE". Definitely does not work as advertised.
  6. Hope this is true. Definitely be in line for one!
  7. I buy Winchester because right now they are $8 cheaper than cci or federal here local... I shoot open so primer brand doesn't matter.
  8. I dont understand how spraying into a box, then transferring the silicone onto the primers is any different. And Winchester said "substance of any on our ammunition products". I believe silicone would fall under "substance of any" whether it be via directly sprayed or with your box method. And if silicone doesn't get applied to the primers via the box, then why do they slide better through your machine? I'm just trying to understand how your (DAA) saying its recommends to apply silicone to primers, when the manufacturer advises against it. like everyone else, I want this product to work. It would be a great asset in my reloading room. However, IMO the machine needs to work without going against what the manufacturer recommends. I wish you the best of luck.
  9. So I contacted Winchester about using silicone spray on their primers. This is their response. I removed my info for obvious reasons. Winchester Customer Support Winchester Ammunition Customer: XXXXXXXXXXX Subject: Submission Date: 2/6/2020 2:18:54 PM Question: Hi, I have a question concerning your primers. Recently I purchased a new to market primer collator. It was working less than desired. The manufacturer recommends to spray your primers with silicone spray to "lube" your primers. Do you recommend spraying primers with silicone spray? Is it safe for your primers? Can it affect the performance of your primers? Answer: We do not reccomend using any liquid or substance on any of our ammunition products. So Winchester does not recommend "lubing" primes.
  10. Agreed, I've never heard of lubing primers. Never read that in published reloading manuals. And since this is the first I've ever heard of anyone putting lube on primers. Why would there be any accounts of silicon contamination when you lube primers? Because we are in uncharted territory with having to lube primers! I would want to see scientific research concluding that silicon spray sprayed on primers doesn't have any long term ill effects on primer performance!
  11. I'm a first batch M7 EVO owner. I got the first release of M7 EVO. It was rocky at first. The machine had a lot of hiccups. Their support was slow and left a lot to be desired. Moving forward, their customer service has stepped up BIG TIME. M7 became very responsive and quick to resolve issues with the press. On their dime, they ended up shipping the press back and rebuilding it from the ground up. They upgraded it with all the updates/changes that they developed over the course of the first year. So, in my experience their customer service has become top notch. I will say now my press works wonderfully. Its extremely smooth and loads very consistent rounds. I load 9 major with it. I get very little spillage of powder, even with 10.4gr of powder in a small 9mm case. I've seen a few 1050 load. They are nice quality presses. But I would say the M7 is a better product. I noticed that the M7 has a beefier construction and is a smoother running press. Plus you get more stations. That does come at a higher price tag though.
  12. They didn't send me a prepaid. Only a P.O. address and a physical address. Depending on if I ship USPS or FedEx/UPS...
  13. Got rma and just dropped off at fed ex. Of course I'm out shipping both ways. Thanks DAA for wasting my money and time.
  14. Same here with back in the box. I emailed DAA this morning saying that it needs to go back and I want a full refund. Thay was after stating all of the problems I'm experiencing. I even sent my video. No response as of yet.
  15. So I cleaned and lubed the plate. Trying to give it one more chance. But still get upside down primers with the V2 disk. This is with WSP... Here is video. https://www.instagram.com/p/B7hPjJoJ1F-/?igshid=ql0jmbsaj2vo
  16. I'm learning this the hard way.... After teething problems from my "first batch" Mark 7 EVO and now this. I'm done buying new designed products. Going to let others be the Guinea pig.
  17. So I got more time today to test. I ran a sample of 1000 (100 of the same 10 times) WSP. I cleaned the ramp before I started. I also have the v2 disk installed and made sure that the screws were tight but not over tight. I only made it to 900 before the primers started to stack up the ramp and machine shut down.... I will clean again but on a product like this I feel like I shouldn't have to. Brand new from factory we need to clean and lube. Ok no big deal but if it doesn't even get to 1000 before cleaning, then what's the point. My cheap vibra prime is doing a better job... Also, within my sample of 900 I had 4 upside down primers. So clearly the v2 plate isn't working with WSP.... There are too many problems with my unit that it's pointless to use. I will definitely be in contact with DAA to see how to move forward.
  18. If that's the case, they need to fix the first batch of 240 units that they just shipped to customers in the US. Sounds like a hack fix. I agree that the ramp needs to be out of a different material (metal). I too wouldn't mind paying a little more. Especially if it fixes the problem. Only 240 units shipped to the US and we already have 5 of us experiencing problems. That's a failure rate of 2%. And I'm sure more will pop up. So disappointing!
  19. Ok, so got delivered today. Unboxed it and set it up per instructions. Loaded it with 100 Winchester small pistol primers. First run about 1 in every 5 primers got hung up where it drops into the tube. The primers would slightly turn sideways not allowing them to drop freely. They didn't make it past the black plastic. So I know it wasn't how I installed the primer tube. So I lubed the plastic channel and then wiped it down with a rag. Seemed to fix that problem. So finally got a run of 98 through it without getting caught up. But 3 out of 98 were upside down. So out came the v2 plate. That helped the upside down primers. I did notice when I removed the empty bowl, to replace plate, one primer was underneath the plate. That happened when the unit was filling the tube. Also the unit always stopped with 97 or 98 primers. As of now I've got mixed opinion. Definitely didn't give me the impression that its way better than anything else out there. So definitely need to test more. I've only cycled 100 at a time for about 6 tubes. All WSP primers.
  20. Per email from DAA north America on 12/24. "DAA has started to ship them to retail customers in Europe and they shipped the first 240 units to us last Friday. Unfortunately, there have been flight delays, now Customs delays and we may not see these 240 units until next week. Your order sits at #39 in the que, so you will receive yours from this batch."
  21. When did you order yours? I preordered and paid Dec 6th. Status still shows backordered. Never mind, I got clarification from DAA North America. First preordered batch hasn't been shipped.
  22. Just got the email. Just ordered. Hopefully this unit will work as advertised
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