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  1. Stymie12000

    What's the latest AA7 load?

    10.4gr. 115gr Montana Gold JHP. 1.150 coal. Range pickup brass s&b primers. 9mm Right at 175pf flattest load I've come up with. I've tried auto comp, shilouett, hs6, win 572, 3n38 powders and tried 115 coated and 124 bullets. I pair with a 8# variable wolff spring and 10oz slide. Infinity sight tracker barrel 2-3/16 people holes and Cheely titanium comp. This is also the most accurate load I've come up with. Very accurate. 3n38 is probably just about the same but I cannot get the bullets to seat consistently @ 1.150. Plus 3n38 likes to spill while loading and is $$. I can load longer but notice that velocity spread opens up if I load longer. I think it's due to neck tension or lack of. Only problem I have is that #7 is dirty. Probably the dirtiest powder I've tried. But I clean often so it doesnt give me problems!
  2. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    Just got off the phone with DAA. My Evolution is on it's way. Should have it Monday!
  3. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    Awsome. I'm #5 on that list!
  4. Stymie12000

    Brass Dryers

    I have the hornady dryer. No complaints except to timer. So got external timer. 2 hours and brass is dry!
  5. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    Awsome. Thanks for keeping tabs and keeping us informed!
  6. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    Hopefully mine is being built as well. I was 5th on DAA list on Sept 10th and called DAA on Tue and they said I was still 5th. No orders were filled since Sept 10th
  7. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    I would be happy if they get 3 for September just like August! I will keep everyone posted when it ships!
  8. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    Just spoke with DAA today! I'm 5th on their list for the EVO. Ordered July 2nd! DAA said 3 of their EVO orders were filled in August. Also said they were hopeful to get more than 3 in Sept. But didn't promise anything.
  9. Stymie12000

    Best Powder

    #7 and 115gr bullet for me. Hs6 also worked well but accuracy wasn't as good as the #7. As stated before the #7 is dirty so you do need to clean often!
  10. Stymie12000

    Bullet Pullers

    Same situation here. I had about 1500 9mm bayou RN coated bullets to pull. I picked up the hornady cam lock puller. It works surprisingly well on the coated bullets. I'm able to use pretty much every bullet that I pulled.
  11. Stymie12000

    case ejected to breech face, 9major jam

    This is what I do to tune the ejector. Start off with a new EGW extended ejector (or any extended ejector). Make sure you relieve the bottom of the ejector so a round in the mag and/or the mag does not contact ejector. I usually use a dremel with a round sanding drum to clearance this. Then I cut/file a 10 degree cut on the ejector face. With the longest part at the top. So the top of the ejector contacts the case. Then I hand cycle some dummy rounds. Paying attention to ejection group and angle. After this I the cut/file another 10 degree cut from the top of the ejector face. Moving the contact point down about 1/3 of the way. Then repeat hand cycling, noting the pattern. Then cut/file down the ejector face down so the contact point is 2/3 of the way down. The hand cycle again! I will go back and cut the profile that gave me the best/most constant ejection! You can also do this at the range with live rounds to see what works the best for that gun. Only remove what is necessary so you don't shorten the ejector too much. And also pay attention to if the ejector is to long and won't properly eject a live round! This has worked well for me on many guns that I have built. And it seems like every gun has a slightly different sweet spot!
  12. Stymie12000

    9 major

    Those definitely look unhealthy! I wonder if the hardness of the primer cups of different brands come into play? I've always used s&b primers.
  13. Stymie12000

    9 major

    I've shot 1000's of 115gr MG jhp with 10.3gr of #7 1.150 with spp. Never had an issue (primers blowing outlet) or flat primers with this load and spp! About 174 power factor!
  14. Stymie12000

    The Blue Bullet....

    Also, pay attention to your expander die. Needs enough expansion that the case does not scrape the sides of the coating off. And not too much that you deform the case.
  15. Stymie12000

    9mm accuracy issue

    I just went through this with my open gun. Turns out my barrel likes jacketed bullets. I was using coated. So maybe order the jhp. I bet your groups shrink!