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  1. I've had the same problem (different gun) with oversized coated bullets .001 over. It was due to a tight chamber and the case was sticking in chamber when fired. The extractor didn't have enough tension. However if I racked the slide the empty would come out the second time. Maybe try some factory FMJ see how those run.
  2. I'm also interested. Sounds like PT wont sell slides, JEM/Tripp machine is broke down. And I dont want to go the Caspian route again. I've had nothing but problems with my current Caspian with less than 15k rounds. Couple of area's out of spec. And a chunk of one of the lugs broke off the slide (lucky didn't damage the upper barrel lugs on my Infinity barrel) . So definitely in the marke for something other than Caspian....
  3. I started with the hornady dies. Over the years I've settled with this setup due to problems with the hornady! Mighty decapping die Lee sizing die Lee u die Lyman type M expander Redding micro seater Lee factory crimp die I'm loading with a M7 so I double up sizing die's due to holding down the shell plate at the swaging and priming station. The U die works well by itself. I've had problems sizing with the hornady sizer. It would sometimes scrape the brass instead of sizing it. That would cause chamber guage problems. I think it's due to hornady using a coating instead of a true carbide ring for sizing! Went with the lyman type M expander since I load coated. Works much better than the hornady expander I do like the hornady seater but wanted a micrometer die. So I went with the Redding. Hornady set does not include a crimp only die. So I went with the lee factory crimp. Its inexpensive and works well!
  4. Yep all makes sense! I didn't even try with our reamer knowing it is hss. Gave me an excuse to buy a KKM. Good to know you have a solution for people who want to keep the factory barrel. Too bad glock did this with the gen 5!
  5. The gen 5 definitely has a short throat. I ended up picking up a KKM barrel so I can load to my satisfaction. I have access to throat reamer but wasn't sure if the surface treatment on the barrel would be hard on the reamer. I can load long with the KKM. And accuracy is slightly better!
  6. I have 4 dpp. Two on open guns (one frame mount and one slide mount). One on my Glock Carry Optic and one on my PCC. I have thousands of rounds on my open guns. Not one single issue with any of them.
  7. My gen 5 17 and 34 had ignition problems with the 4.5# wolff. Once I lightened the strikers. The 4 & 4.5# wolff were gtg. I like the feel of the break and reset better with the 4.5. Trigger pull is right around 3-3.25# with the 4.5. And sub 3 with the 4#. The 4# I've tested with cci, win, and s&b primers. 100% reliable. I do load with a mark 7 evo and I seat the primers deep. Which helps ignition
  8. RHT. I had to sand down a small area for the slide stop. But took 40 seconds with a dremel! Boss hanger!
  9. I originally started with the 7.5. I owned a couple. Then I got a 2.5. After that I sold all of my 7.5. For uspsa the 7.5 dot was too big and confusing when shooting fast. The dot would cover too much of the target and my brain would have to decipher which part of the dot I was aiming with. With the 2.5 I zero @ 20 yards and pretty much when dot is on target I take the shot. Just eliminate any confusion with the dot. Simply is faster for me and my results showed it! Now if the dot is for a bench rest gun or a slow aiming application, then I would go with the 7.5.
  10. I agree, the 34 without slide lightening is a very capable setup and lightening isnt needed to be competitive. I just personally like how the gun cycles with the lighter slide. Keep in mind I've been shooting open with a custom 2011 for the past couple of years. So I'm used to a fast cycling setup. Your list is a good one and should serve you well. Btw I agree with your 34 vs 17 thinking. I too like the 34 better than my 17 even for CO. Many may disagree but I feel the 34 is better balanced for me.
  11. My experience with my 34 before and after slide lightening. Before it was very sluggish and slow. Recoil was ok. After lightening, the slide moves way faster and gun cycles faster. If anything the gun recoils better. Isn't violent at all. I'm running 11lb recoil spring with a load of 147gr with 3.0gr SP. Gets 133pf. Slide now weighs 12.5oz with dot! Keep in mind this is a 34 with a dot. The dot adds weight. so lightening the slide gets the slide weight close to factory but with the dot! I also have an open gun (2011) with a 10oz slide with a slide mounted dot. Never had an issue with the dot. And the open gun is way more violent running major than my CO 34! This is my personal experience and 2 cents.
  12. Yes, I lightened it myself. But I have the proper tools! I also did the slide milling!
  13. Sounds like a good list. I just finished a CO 34 gen 5. I'm down to a 11lb Wolff recoil spring with Jager heavy guide rod. However I did lighten the slide 1.5 oz and I'm running 147gr at 133pf. So with a 13# should be what you need. I also have the Johnny Glock trigger. I could not get it to work 100% of the time with the 4.5# striker spring (non federal primers). I ended up lighting the striker. Which for whatever reason, lightened the trigger pull and now works 100% with both the 4# and 4.5# striker spring. That's with s&b, cci, and win primers. So maybe the different striker profile of the gen 5 doesn't like the 4.5#. I also reworked the Johnny glock trigger to eliminate some of the pre and over travel that it had. And yes all safety work! Actually there was quite a bit that was left to be desired from the johnny glock trigger. But in his defense he did not have the gun and it is a pre set drop in kit! I went with MBX base pads but if I had to do over, i would go with TTI. I also went with a KKM match barrel. The factory barrel shot well but I couldn't load 147rn bullets longer than 1.10 oal with the factory barrel due the short throat.
  14. Range report. I loaded the 135 to 1.150 with 3.5gr sport pistol. Average 5 shot velocity was 1000.6fps. So I'm happy with 135pf. Recoil impulse was really good. Accuracy was OK but definitely could be better. Double taps were all over the place. Second shot was always low. So I need to play around with spring rate and maybe tweak the load a couple tenths or maybe oal! I ended up picking up a KKM match barrel. Since I wasn't totally happy with the accuracy. Hopefully the rifling and twist rate will help out accuracy with the blue bullets. (In the past I've had excellent accuracy with KKM and blue bullets, but that is with 1911/2011)
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