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  1. Stymie12000

    Best budget lower

    Spend the extra on the qc10 and be done. Buy once, cry once
  2. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    I will add, this bolt is very important for proper function. Like you said Tanfastic, make sure this bolt is tight. Also make sure you keep oil on it (per manual). If it keeps loosening even with blue loctite or if the rocker sticks with primer rod in up position. Contact MK7. The reason why it keeps loosening is probably due to galling between the metal of the rocker and bolt. I had this happen and caused all sorts of problems. Mk7 has a new harder bolt which should eliminate the galling problem. And oh yeah, don't forget put a drop of oil on the bolt every loading session!
  3. Stymie12000


    No experience with their rifles. But I've needed their customer service in the past with mag issues. Be aware, contact is email only. They do not provide a phone number. And don't expect a reply to your email. Personally I won't do business with them again, after my customer service experience. Too many other companies with good products and great customer service!
  4. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    On the regular EVO. It's the top screw on the back. Opposite side of station 1. There are 2 adjustment screws. You want the top one. It has a locking screw on top. So you need to remove that first. Then you can adjust the index. Counter clockwise will index more. Also check and make sure your tool head is tight. I was having indexing problems just as you described. Couldn't adjust the indexing properly. Discovered my tool head was loose. Once tightened my indexing was spot on.
  5. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    I had the bolt that hold the primer rocker walk out. MK7 sent me a new harder bolt. The old bold did have galling so that is what I believe made it walk out in the first place!
  6. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    My CS experience has been so so. Sometimes it's been prompt and others have been non existent. Unfortunate I've had a handful of problems and have needed the CS on multiple issues. Couple I gave up on the CS and figured it out myself. When I do get you talk to Sean @ MK7. He has been very helpful. But email responses are hit or miss. I would rate my experience so far about a D+ or C-. BTW talked to Sean about my powder measure update. Sounds like it will be a couple of months before it gets fixed. Guess they are waiting for updated parts to be made. Not a huge deal, since I've got a hornady that works excellent. But still, I wish it was working properly!
  7. Stymie12000

    G34 accuracy with light recoil springs

    I'm running a 4# wolff striker spring. Even though the slide moves when fired, I don't have any reduced accuracy. So I don't see it as a problem!
  8. Stymie12000

    AA7 for 9 major

    I'm at 10.4 gr AA#7 - MG115JHP - 1.150 OAL - CCI 174pf 9 major 5.4" Infinity barrel 2 - 3/16 popple not 124 but gives some reference!
  9. Stymie12000

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    I totally agree with everything you said. Customers service is important to me. MBX has lacked in customer service for me in the past and sounds like you are experiencing poor service from them as well. I did notice that MBX had the time to post on here but not the time to follow up with your request for your barrel back. To me that says a lot!
  10. Stymie12000

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    If not already stated! Also could be baffle strikes on the comp. I ran into this with an open gun!
  11. Stymie12000

    2011 Open Gun Main Spring

    I like 17#ms with dawson extended firing pin. 7-8# variable recoil spring. 2.25# trigger pull. Not a single ftf in thousands and thousands of rounds!
  12. Stymie12000

    Mbx lightweight barrel

    I had a similar experience with MBX on a brand new mag issue. No phone # only email. After multiple emails sent, I never got a response. Needless to say I won't buy anything other than mag bases from them after this experience.
  13. Stymie12000

    Accurate #7 temperature sensitivity affecting PF?

    My loads are running 35-40fps slower in the cold. That's a 115gr. Summer (80 degrees) 1510fps, winter (40 degrees) 1475 fps. That's with 10.4gr #7...
  14. Stymie12000

    Coated bullets

    I've tried multiple powders with hi-tech and blue bullets. I like the sport pistol and blue bullet combo. Also wst and blue work well. The worst was titegroup and hi-tech. Got bad leading and smoke was bad
  15. Stymie12000

    Mark7 Evolution

    Duh what was I thinking. Who has the time to pull bullets.... hahaha