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  1. So I got more time today to test. I ran a sample of 1000 (100 of the same 10 times) WSP. I cleaned the ramp before I started. I also have the v2 disk installed and made sure that the screws were tight but not over tight. I only made it to 900 before the primers started to stack up the ramp and machine shut down.... I will clean again but on a product like this I feel like I shouldn't have to. Brand new from factory we need to clean and lube. Ok no big deal but if it doesn't even get to 1000 before cleaning, then what's the point. My cheap vibra prime is doing a better job... Also, within my sample of 900 I had 4 upside down primers. So clearly the v2 plate isn't working with WSP.... There are too many problems with my unit that it's pointless to use. I will definitely be in contact with DAA to see how to move forward.
  2. If that's the case, they need to fix the first batch of 240 units that they just shipped to customers in the US. Sounds like a hack fix. I agree that the ramp needs to be out of a different material (metal). I too wouldn't mind paying a little more. Especially if it fixes the problem. Only 240 units shipped to the US and we already have 5 of us experiencing problems. That's a failure rate of 2%. And I'm sure more will pop up. So disappointing!
  3. Ok, so got delivered today. Unboxed it and set it up per instructions. Loaded it with 100 Winchester small pistol primers. First run about 1 in every 5 primers got hung up where it drops into the tube. The primers would slightly turn sideways not allowing them to drop freely. They didn't make it past the black plastic. So I know it wasn't how I installed the primer tube. So I lubed the plastic channel and then wiped it down with a rag. Seemed to fix that problem. So finally got a run of 98 through it without getting caught up. But 3 out of 98 were upside down. So out came the v2 plate. That helped the upside down primers. I did notice when I removed the empty bowl, to replace plate, one primer was underneath the plate. That happened when the unit was filling the tube. Also the unit always stopped with 97 or 98 primers. As of now I've got mixed opinion. Definitely didn't give me the impression that its way better than anything else out there. So definitely need to test more. I've only cycled 100 at a time for about 6 tubes. All WSP primers.
  4. Per email from DAA north America on 12/24. "DAA has started to ship them to retail customers in Europe and they shipped the first 240 units to us last Friday. Unfortunately, there have been flight delays, now Customs delays and we may not see these 240 units until next week. Your order sits at #39 in the que, so you will receive yours from this batch."
  5. When did you order yours? I preordered and paid Dec 6th. Status still shows backordered. Never mind, I got clarification from DAA North America. First preordered batch hasn't been shipped.
  6. Just got the email. Just ordered. Hopefully this unit will work as advertised
  7. Egw overall is .420" wide. The pad for your thumb to sit on is .250"
  8. You might contact them. I have the manual powder throw. Nothing but problems when I first got it. Mark 7 ended up traded out my old problematic one for a new mechanical one. This was about 2 months ago. The new one is awesome very consistent throws. About .04gr on my gem pro scale. And much smoother. I had one of the first EVO. Misty at Mark 7 has treated me very well. My press always gave me problems. However M7 totally rebuilt the press with pretty much all new parts. They even shipped packaging and return label. So I could send it back to them. Customer service has been top notch. And they are really trying to solve the issues of their early released products.
  9. Bought a complete new MBX mag last year, guts and all, from a reputable online store. I wanted to try the 155mm. It wouldn't work at all out of the box. Every round would jam. I sent mbx a couple of emails asking for advice. I never recieved an answer. I ended up tuning the feed lips and adjusted the angle of follower. I finally got it to work. Over the years. I've owned 9 STI mags ( both gen 1 and 2). I've never had one not work or give me problems. So lack of MBX support and reliability, I'll stick with STI
  10. I have the blue decapping die. I installed spring but had more failed decapped primers with the spring. I tried it at different preload (cap tighten at different amounts). Failure rate of around 5%. So ended up removing spring and pretty much all problems went away. Now back to maybe 1 in 200 or so cases.
  11. I've had the same problem (different gun) with oversized coated bullets .001 over. It was due to a tight chamber and the case was sticking in chamber when fired. The extractor didn't have enough tension. However if I racked the slide the empty would come out the second time. Maybe try some factory FMJ see how those run.
  12. I'm also interested. Sounds like PT wont sell slides, JEM/Tripp machine is broke down. And I dont want to go the Caspian route again. I've had nothing but problems with my current Caspian with less than 15k rounds. Couple of area's out of spec. And a chunk of one of the lugs broke off the slide (lucky didn't damage the upper barrel lugs on my Infinity barrel) . So definitely in the marke for something other than Caspian....
  13. I started with the hornady dies. Over the years I've settled with this setup due to problems with the hornady! Mighty decapping die Lee sizing die Lee u die Lyman type M expander Redding micro seater Lee factory crimp die I'm loading with a M7 so I double up sizing die's due to holding down the shell plate at the swaging and priming station. The U die works well by itself. I've had problems sizing with the hornady sizer. It would sometimes scrape the brass instead of sizing it. That would cause chamber guage problems. I think it's due to hornady using a coating instead of a true carbide ring for sizing! Went with the lyman type M expander since I load coated. Works much better than the hornady expander I do like the hornady seater but wanted a micrometer die. So I went with the Redding. Hornady set does not include a crimp only die. So I went with the lee factory crimp. Its inexpensive and works well!
  14. Yep all makes sense! I didn't even try with our reamer knowing it is hss. Gave me an excuse to buy a KKM. Good to know you have a solution for people who want to keep the factory barrel. Too bad glock did this with the gen 5!
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