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  1. EGW extractor and firing pin stop in my 2 9mm open guns. In my experience, the egw is easier to tune than the aftec! And no additional parts to loose when you remove the extractor!
  2. I have 2 140 and 2 170. Usually use a 170 and 140 for a 32 round stage. I used to have a 155 but never used it. Never ran into a situation where I needed the 2 extra rounds over the 140. As for classifiers and mag changes. I like the 170 better. It sticks out of the gun a little more over the 140. I dont see a reason why all 170 wouldn't work but anything over 2 170 really isn't necessary. Only negative would be the extra $ over a 140.
  3. I've used CK (2011), STI (2011), Pheonix Trinity (2011), JEM (1911), and Caspian (1911) frames. For 2011 I like the CK. The PT have nice machining but require a little more work than the CK and cost a little more. Recently the STI quality control has been poor. So i stay away from them. For 1911 Caspian all the way. Good quality machining and price. With the JEM to get parts to fit, it requires a lot of extra machining over the Caspian. So I now stay away due to the extra work involved, but quality of machining is good. Slides, I like Caspian the best. The CK is good. JEM needed the extra fitting for the parts but machining is good. Sti I stay away from for the same reason as the frame! Barrel, I like KKM. Easy to fit and shoot well. Add in an EGW bushing! I like to order from Shooters Connection. But you can order Caspian or JEM direct. And have them fit the slide to frame.
  4. I've used Hoppes #9 on my deltapoint. Workers great. Then I learned to use Rain X once its clean. Never needed the Hoppes after using Rain X. Everything wipes clean with a microfiber towel.
  5. I've used kydex and cerakote quite a bit. I've experienced very little wear if any at all. I think maybe some who experience poor durability may be due to the prep/process of applying cerakote. Cerakote has a strict preparation process. If that isn't followed or if it's not baked correctly, it isn't durable at all! I've seen poor cerakote jobs and I've seen good cerakote jobs. So do homework on the guy/shop who is doing it!
  6. I've had good results with the vibra-prime. I opened up the plastic part of the tube slightly with a drill bit. Every once in a while it does jam up but that easy to clear. Btw I've had better results filling the dillon's tubes than the one that comes with it. Take the yellow plastic piece off if the tube and insert it into the vibra-prime. You do need to hold onto the tube since it doesn't lock into place. Now I haven't used the rf-100 but for the price difference I can live with having a jam 1 out of every 10 tubes I fill.
  7. If you are good with that kind of variance then great! Personally I am not happy with a 5% variance. Just because you say it's ok and I SHOULDN'T have a problem. Doesn't make it ok for me! I may like my ammo loaded to a little bit tighter tolerance. Than some or even most shooters.
  8. I load for pcc with a 2.6 gr of powder. So .12 is too much of a spread for my needs! Hornady has it figured out! It does .04gr, that's 3 times more accurate. I spent the money to upgrade to the MK7 from my Hornady press. However SO FAR, my MK7 powder measure has performed horribly to the Hornady. I don't think it's too much to ask for the MK7 to perform equally the the Hornady. MK7 has the powder measure listed at $329 on their website. You can by the hornady and the case activated linkage for half the price of the MK7. So I guess to answer your question, you should expect this to perform equally to a measure that cost half the price! Like I said before! I'm optimistic that MK7 will get it right! Im sure they want to make it just as accurate as their half priced competition. I know their measure can achieve the same accuracy as the hornady. In my testing before my measure went back, I was able to match the accuracy of the Hornady. The MK7 accuracy problems started when I used the case activated portion. So an updated linkage solution makes since!
  9. Personally I won't be happy with a .12 gr variation. But that is a lot better than what I was experiencing with my MK7. I have a gem pro 250. With my hornady powder measure I get about .04gr variation with titegroup, AA#7, sport pistol. With wst I get about .06gr with the hornady. I hope the new linkage updates will get the MK7 under .1. I'm hopeful, I discovered if I manually activate the MK7 measure by hand (not by moving the tool head), I was able to replicate the results of the hornady. MK7 still has my measure. Going on a month or so. They did call and asked if I wanted the measure back until they get the linkage update. Since I have the hornady, I told them to keep it until it's fixed to my satisfaction! They said it can take a few months until they get the updated linkage! I've been happy with how they are handling the measure problem. It sucks that it's been problematic but I feel like they are trying to make it right for everyone! On a side note. I have got all the small little problems Ive experienced worked out on the press. Its finally enjoyable to use and I can really crank out some ammo.
  10. Spend the extra on the qc10 and be done. Buy once, cry once
  11. I will add, this bolt is very important for proper function. Like you said Tanfastic, make sure this bolt is tight. Also make sure you keep oil on it (per manual). If it keeps loosening even with blue loctite or if the rocker sticks with primer rod in up position. Contact MK7. The reason why it keeps loosening is probably due to galling between the metal of the rocker and bolt. I had this happen and caused all sorts of problems. Mk7 has a new harder bolt which should eliminate the galling problem. And oh yeah, don't forget put a drop of oil on the bolt every loading session!
  12. No experience with their rifles. But I've needed their customer service in the past with mag issues. Be aware, contact is email only. They do not provide a phone number. And don't expect a reply to your email. Personally I won't do business with them again, after my customer service experience. Too many other companies with good products and great customer service!
  13. On the regular EVO. It's the top screw on the back. Opposite side of station 1. There are 2 adjustment screws. You want the top one. It has a locking screw on top. So you need to remove that first. Then you can adjust the index. Counter clockwise will index more. Also check and make sure your tool head is tight. I was having indexing problems just as you described. Couldn't adjust the indexing properly. Discovered my tool head was loose. Once tightened my indexing was spot on.
  14. I had the bolt that hold the primer rocker walk out. MK7 sent me a new harder bolt. The old bold did have galling so that is what I believe made it walk out in the first place!
  15. My CS experience has been so so. Sometimes it's been prompt and others have been non existent. Unfortunate I've had a handful of problems and have needed the CS on multiple issues. Couple I gave up on the CS and figured it out myself. When I do get you talk to Sean @ MK7. He has been very helpful. But email responses are hit or miss. I would rate my experience so far about a D+ or C-. BTW talked to Sean about my powder measure update. Sounds like it will be a couple of months before it gets fixed. Guess they are waiting for updated parts to be made. Not a huge deal, since I've got a hornady that works excellent. But still, I wish it was working properly!
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