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  1. Yes, a lighter hammer spring is easier to compress, but you also run the risk of light primer strikes and may be required to run an extended firing pin and soft firing pin spring and/or Federal Primers. Having said that, I recently did some work on a well broken in 85C that had over 40,000 rounds through it, everything was worn; the hammer hooks, the sear, the safety and all needed to be replaced in order to get it to function. My friend was running a 13 pound main spring in it and for fun, I threw in an 11# main spring to see if that would lighten up the trigger which was actually exception with the 13 pound spring, running about 8.5# in D/A and 3# in S/A. I didn’t have anything other than S&B primers to test it against and with a sub 7# D/A and a 2# S/A it was setting off S&B primers which are a lot like CCI, hard. The internals of the 85C were action polished to perfection and so there was no resistance anywhere allowing everything to cycle perfectly. I’m now onto 158gn’s with 2.95 - 3.0gn of Alliant Sport Pistol, very nice shooting combo.
  2. I have exactly that set up. Optic Ready Shadow 2 and Trijicon SRO 5 MOA and Optic Ready Shadow 2 and Leupold Delta Point Pro 7.5 MOA. I just talked you into buying one. I started off shooting with a Shadow 2 non-optic and as soon as the Optic Ready came out in Canada in January 2019, I bought one; then I bought another in August. Why? Because I don’t ever want to be without one. And then, just to take things just a bit further, I taught myself how to completely disassemble one, replace parts, do a trigger job, polish the action, not once but twice and then I started doing other people’s S2’s and talking them into buying an optic ready but the reality is, the gun sold itself when I let them shoot it. You shouldn’t have anything done to it that you can’t do yourself. Working on the gun is a piece of cake and incredibly easy. Do a trigger job yourself. Easy. Polish the action. Easy. Install a competition disconnector. Easy. And when you buy your Optic Ready S2, let me talk you into some LOK Grips, change your life, I swear.
  3. Right, I already ascertained abou that far. More curious about what’s similar to ASP as there isn’t much for load data on the 158gn bullets. Thanks for answering though.
  4. I know this is an OLD thread, but I recently got some 9mm 158gn Campro RNFP bullets and Alliant Sport Pistol Powder, both new to me, typically I’m reloading 9mm 147gn Campro RNFP bullets with Win 231 and these shoot really well out of me Shadow 2, but recently switched to Alliant Sport Pistol Powder with the 147s and these also work well, but I’m curious about the 158’s and wondering if you have any load data on them. I believe the HP-38 is similar to 231, and the starting load for that is 2.9gn to 3.1gn and so I’m thinking since VVn320 is similar to 231, then I might start with 2.6gn of ASP and work my way up from there. Thoughts?
  5. Agreed, I’d want my gunsmithing kit handy (which would include at the very least, hammer, bench block, punches, towel) to do a TRS. I’ve lost a FO at practice once, but since I’m shooting Optics with my S2, it didn’t make much difference, but I did find it a distraction in itself, not having it there.
  6. If you have the floating trigger pin by CGW, walkout shouldn’t be an issue as the spring tension of the TRS is enough to keep it in place, it’s narrower in the middle. I’ve replaced (upgraded) the TRS on all my Shadows and am pretty competent at gunsmithing, but I doubt I’d be able to get one replaced at the range during a match in time to make the next stage. Firing pin spring and recoil spring are easy enough to replace.
  7. Interesting, so a lighter hammer spring would be easier to compress then? I like the 147s for my comp loads and the 124 JHP for steel matches and practice, but I think I’m going to just load 147’s for everything once I’m through the 124’s. I’ve been told I manage the recoil well on the Shadow 2, but it can always be improved. I ordered the extended safety for both and the flat slim short slide lock pin for both.
  8. So I’m pretty new to “gunsmithing”, I can change out all the parts, but tuning the gun with the different springs is another matter and a lot of it for me is trial and error. How does a 14# recoil spring affect what ammo you can run through it? I use Federal Primers only in my loads because I choose to run an 8.5# main spring, but I didn’t think the recoil spring had anything to do with primer ignition. I’m under the impression that the recoil spring in combination with the amount of powder you’re loading is what determines how the slide cycles. Loading lower power loads for me has translated into less recoil, but is less recoil = to softer recoil? For me, the less recoil meant slower recoil with reduced power loads (loads at the very low end of what will still cycle a slide). This is the part I find most interesting, is the physics behind it all and will be doing some comprehensive testing this spring. What would be considered a cheaper sight? In my optic line up, I paid the least for a Venom, middle of the road for a Leupold and a lot for the SRO.
  9. I’m going to end up doing a full test on the various springs, this spring, it’s bloody cold right now. I did some tests already with the CGW 10 vs stock and the gun settles quicker with the 10#, I have a video with 1” lines marked on a back board to show the difference. What load are you running with your 147’s? I’m using 231 3.5gn. Are your older version S2’s showing any signs of frame cracking? Mine did, warrentied for a new one. The optic ready S2’s have been milled with a relief for the slide stop.
  10. Ouch! 25% more? I picked one of mine up in Jan 2019 for $1199 CDN and the second one in September for $1149 CDN from Tenda Canada on sale. My non-optic I pais $1249. The early model S2 came with dove tail rear sight? That’s a cool research project you’re undertaking with the optic. The nice thing with Vortex is their no quibble like time warrenty. Personally I hate the SRO and don’t enjoy shooting it as much as the DPP with the Delta reticle, but that’s just preference, the SRO is a bomber optic. CGW had at one time created a multi-optic mounting plate, but no longer. I think because the optic S2is too heavy for USPSA and has not been sold in the USA as of yet that I know of. What recoil spring are you planning on using after your test? I’ve got a 10lb progressive currently and a 9lb coming.
  11. The CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready has been a game changer for me and I notice a lot of my “older” shooting friends all are gravitating toward optics. Which is great. Like you I need to wear glasses, both for distance and reading, but I don’t wear bifocals for shooting. I wear my glasses for seeing the targets in the distance and the glasses don’t affect seeing the dot of the optic at all. When I first started shooting optics my speed dropped down significantly, but my accuracy improved dramatically. My speed with the dot acquisition is starting to catch up now. At one time I had two optic ready Shadow 2’s and one non-optic Shadow 2 and I ended up selling the non-optic because I just didn’t shoot it anymore. I currently have one optic ready running a Trijicon SRO 5MOA and another running the Leupold DPP 7.5MOA. Plus my P09 got milled for an optic, which is running a Vortex Venom 6 MOA. I love optics and would never go back to iron sights. Younger shooters with good vision, don’t always understand how much our eyesight starts to affect us older shooters, especially in lower light conditions. So, if you switch to the optic ready Shadow 2, you can ditch your reading glasses you won’t need them any longer. I have a ton of videos on my Youtube Channel under the same same, on the optic ready Shadow 2 and my various optics.
  12. Thanks for the share! I have a spare stockpile of springs to experiment with. How are you dealing with the end of the cut coil? I can’t imagine you’re running it as an open coil? Sorry if this is a dumb question. As a metalsmith, I’d probably anneal the cut end, close it up and then re-harden the spring by tumbling in steel media (and then hope it works).
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