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  1. @OdinIII Got it! Thank you! Do you know of any others? New to USPSA myself. I like to try and pick up fundamental tips. I listen to a lot JRE and The Everyday Sniper.
  2. I'm all for listening to podcasts during the day. Where can I find this?
  3. Love my 650 been running strong for a handful of years.
  4. I understand that, but in a pinch they work well. I've had one of them going strong for over 10k.
  5. I was surprised myself. Midwayusa is notorious for not even giving you discount shipping on sale items.
  6. If you're local to a Harbor Freight, they'll actually sell a variety box of e-clips for short money.
  7. I crimp my 9mm at .378 using Xtreme 124RN.
  8. I picked mine from Midwayusa when they had free shipping. Bought a couple other things and slide the Cardboard targets in and still got the free shipping.
  9. I'm new to USPSA shooting. I went with CR Speed and I'm happy with them.
  10. I had a similar issue in my Glock 27 with a lonewolf barrel. Factory barrel would eat them up though. It turned out to be COAL issue. I shortened them up a bit fixed the problem.
  11. Steadfast holsters and Shooks Customs makes really nice holsters. I use a Shooks AIWB for my P-01 Omega . Has great retention and comfortable. Hope the suggestions help.
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