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  1. I stocked up last year during the Black Friday sale. With the election this year something told me to buy more than I was going to need. Powder valley has the best prices IMO. I've tried to out price them even with there hazmat and shipping their cheaper then most other online retailers. Most of the other places jackup prices to offset the free hazmat. I try to support my LGS for reloading supplies but he has been out of the powder I need. I've spent most of the winter loading up most of what I bought. I hate being married to the press when sh
  2. I used a Lyman media tumbler for about a year, but the dust was too much for me. Went to wet tumbling and never looked back. Really makes cleaning brass a breeze. Used the pins at first. Turned out to be to much clean up for the reward. No longer use them. I still use a walnut media for bolt action rifle cases.
  3. Their prices have seemed to come down a lil bit. 11k 9mm including shipping was just north of .07 cents a piece. Still a lil bit more than I've paid in previous years sales. I picked up some Blue Bullets to try out and they sent me the wrong bullet weight.
  4. Seems as though the new ownership at Xtreme has made a little difference. Previous years orders took close to a month or better to get shipped. Ordered 15k bullets on 11/29 delivered 12/5. I know their sale wasn't as good as years past & now adding shipping fees. When looking at my order size and other comparable bullets (ie; plated or FMJ) it was about a wash price wise. Thought, I'd share my experience with the new ownership. Happy loading!
  5. A savings is a savings. Need to stretch the budget as far as we can. I don't mind giving them a shot as long as I get the same performance.
  6. I'm generally shooting outdoors and when inside the facility has a great filtration system. I do get what your saying tho. If all the partying of my past didn't get me. I'm thinking coated bullets won't.
  7. I used to have the same issue with 9mm. I started lubing my cases with Dillon lube. I very seldom get a case stuck at the wire anymore. I know you don't have to use lube with carbide dies. But, it was suggested to try it and it worked. I continue to do it today. Try it see if it makes a difference.
  8. The leading is my biggest concern. I had a few shooters say their not getting any leading. So, I'll give them a try. I hear you on the cost difference, not really a big difference.
  9. 124gr is my go to. I went ahead an ordered a 125gr TC medium sized box along with my usual Xtreme order. If it all works works out maybe I'll switch next year. Xtreme is only about $3 more k so not a big difference.
  10. @MikeyScuba I have a fair amount of steel as well, just none of his. Looks like a nice opportunity to create a small plate rack that is portable.
  11. Thanks, they've been on my radar for Knockdowns.
  12. Blue bullets offers a .356 for special order. So, I may give them a shot. Thanks for the reply
  13. Care to share what makers you prefer?
  14. I've been reloading with FMJ & plated Xtreme bullets. All my pistols eat them up at the same OAL. Loading mostly for my CZ's Sp01, S2 & TSO for competition. I've been on the fence about trying some coated bullets do to the possibility of leading. Have read different sized projos .355, .356 etc maybe needed. None of my barrels have been slugged. Don't feel like slugging them all either... Does one size projo usually cover it? ie: Blue Bullets .355 seems to be common Any recommendations, advice or help is welcomed.
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