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  1. Hi my friend and thanks for your feedback. I have a brand new more power spring. And yes i plunk test all my ammo including practice ammo.
  2. Good observation. That extractor barely moves
  3. Did it and the spent shell holds really firm. Thanks
  4. Mine has the "9" marks. Will follow your advise. Let me buy from different sources. I know Patriot, Ben Stoeger and EAA. But what is Eric's? Thanks
  5. Hi there man and thanks for your input. It is a typo. My crimp is in between 0.379 and sometimes is goes 0.380 With the new extractor the brass goes between 6 or 7 feet from the gun every time I will remove the slide and will do the test with the spent shell Question. I have a Dillon 650. On stage 2 i push really hard so the new primer can go really deep. Pushing that hard can cause this extraction problems?
  6. Good morning everyone. Just got Memphis Mechanic opinion which i trust a lot but want to hear everyone's opinion on this. I bought a new Stock II from a friend. He just used it one time and then he went open. I'm going crazy with this new Stock II. I practice every Friday with 200 rounds and i get between 7 or 8 stove pipes in every practice..........see picture It never happened with my old Stock II Xtreme. I changed all my mags. They are brand new out of the box. I installed a brand new extractor and a more power extractor spring.
  7. I'm waiting to buy mine. Want to go CO this year but don't want to cut my Tanfo. I will buy one from Patriot.
  8. Finally some personal data. Sport Pistol Powder Tanfoglio Stock II 98 degrees on a hot day in Florida Humidity...........a lot. Is Florida AOL 1.130 Competition Electronics ProChrono............................brand new out of the box. Every shot at 10 feet away from the chrono SNS and Gallant bullets (both coated) 135gr powder charge 3.70 you will get a velocity of 957 fps......................129 PF powder charge 3.72 you will get 967 Fps............................................130 PF and they feel amazing
  9. Hey guys. I have a Tanfoglio Stock II. I was using Titegroup and i changed to Sport Pistol. I make my ammo at 1.130 AOL and i use SNS 135gr round nose coated bullets. I would love to be in a 130 power factor. Does anyone has a recipe? How much load do i need to use? Thanks
  10. Hi there everyone. I just started reloading a month ago. I have a Tanfoglio Stock II. I used it for USPSA. I have been using SNS coated bullets in 135gr. AOL 1.130 with 3.3 Titegroup. I did several chronos on it and it was giving me 129.2 PF.....................which i like I heard from several friends at the range that i should go down to 125 or 124gr because the Tanfo moves faster and work better with 124 or 124gr. Any suggestions? Any opinion? Yesterday i tried Berrys 124gr hollow point and i liked them. They are more expensive but felt them more a
  11. Hi there guys. Just bought a Tanfoglio Limited in 40 S&W for USPSA. Moving from production to limited. I was wondering if someone can help with the load. I use Titegroup. SNS coated bullets and i bough to try 180 and 200gr. I will make them 1.15 What is the nromal load using titegroup with a size of 1.15? For 180 and 200gr. Thanks for your support.
  12. With a coated bullet from SNS casting using Titegroup at 1.15 what will be the powder load? 200gr and 180gr Thanks
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