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  1. I ran a 16 pound wolff with about 2 -3 coils cut off of it. On a Graygun's steel rod.
  2. Qu, If you want to try some different basepads and see what fits. Let me know. I can meet you at LP. I have tons off miscellaneous basepads laying around.
  3. I ran into Autocomp not burning completely in a revolver as well. I shot thousand of the same load through a 5 inch 1911 without any issues. Trying to run it in my 4 inch 625 I got a bunch of this gross unburned yellow sticky powder mixture that locked the gun up in less than 50 rounds. There was so much of the yellow junk I couldn't even drop the next moon clip in. I don't know if it was the cylinder gap or what but, it was not good. IMO Autocomp and cartridges with a lot of airspace in the case do not play well together. For 9 mm 147's loaded short and 9 mm major it's wonderful
  4. Just make sure to use a thin epoxy like he does in the video. Do NOT use something thicker.....
  5. Get dry firing because i am. you made top poster list again

  6. hello did any one go to the southern chester county uspsa match sat.

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