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  1. I ran a 16 pound wolff with about 2 -3 coils cut off of it. On a Graygun's steel rod.
  2. Qu, If you want to try some different basepads and see what fits. Let me know. I can meet you at LP. I have tons off miscellaneous basepads laying around.
  3. I ran into Autocomp not burning completely in a revolver as well. I shot thousand of the same load through a 5 inch 1911 without any issues. Trying to run it in my 4 inch 625 I got a bunch of this gross unburned yellow sticky powder mixture that locked the gun up in less than 50 rounds. There was so much of the yellow junk I couldn't even drop the next moon clip in. I don't know if it was the cylinder gap or what but, it was not good. IMO Autocomp and cartridges with a lot of airspace in the case do not play well together. For 9 mm 147's loaded short and 9 mm major it's wonderful powder. For soft shooting loads in .45, .38 special not so much, Try Clay's or something that fills the case more for that usage.
  4. Just make sure to use a thin epoxy like he does in the video. Do NOT use something thicker.....
  5. Try J@L gunsmithing . Call him he has more in-stock than his site says .
  6. I wish some one would put out a kit together for these guns . I have been trying to spec all the right parts\springs for my Limited pro . I can't find one on hennings or Ben's sight or the right kit from wollf either .
  7. Get dry firing because i am. you made top poster list again

  8. jmis it was nice to shoot with you , and matt i told you that the frist plate keep on moving.
  9. Good match guys , thanks for the good saturday. I can't wait untill next month , limited class rocks!!!
  10. hello did any one go to the southern chester county uspsa match sat.

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