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Found 20 results

  1. Just got my first CZ (shadow custom from CZC). I'm used to loading my 147s to 1.14 OAL for an M&P Pro. Went to reload for the CZ and it wouldn't pass the plunk test with anything longer than 1.09 using BBI 147s. Xtreme and Everglades ammo 147 both pass the plunk test with my normal load at 1.14. I have a case of BBI sitting around and would like to use them, and I've tended to get better accuracy with coated vs plated out of my other guns. Just wanted to see if anyone else is going that short in their shadows? And if so how much are backing off the powder(if any)? I'm using titegroup in these loads. Not looking to ream the barrel just yet. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi there guys. Just bought a Tanfoglio Limited in 40 S&W for USPSA. Moving from production to limited. I was wondering if someone can help with the load. I use Titegroup. SNS coated bullets and i bough to try 180 and 200gr. I will make them 1.15 What is the nromal load using titegroup with a size of 1.15? For 180 and 200gr. Thanks for your support.
  3. I finally bought a chrono and took the time to make a few different loads. I used VV340 and Titegroup powders, 3 different powder weights, 2 primer types. This should be very useful for someone trying to work up a new load. Maybe less useful if you are trying to find conclusive data about CCI vs Win primers, but still interesting to look at. The constants: Lee Classic Turret, Lee dies all around Precision Delta S&W40 180 grain Full Metal Jacket M&P 40 Pro (5") 88 deg Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chrono OAL 1.120 Sample size for each lot was 5-10 rounds FYI, PF of 165 with a 180 grain bullet requires 916.67 fps. Test data: A. TiteGroup 1. 4.3 grains a. CCI primers: µ=914 fps (low and high: 885, 944) PF: 164.52 SD=21 b. Win primers: µ=881.2 fps (low and high: 862, 903) PF: 158.62 SD=15.3 2. 4.6 grains a. CCI primers: µ=943.6 fps (low and high: 925, 953) PF: 169.85 SD=11.5 b. Win primers: µ=941.5 fps (low and high: 920,971) PF: 169.47 SD=18.4 At Area 3 in 2016, the above recipe (PD180, TG 4.6, who knows what primers) averaged 969 fps, PF 175.2 3. 4.9 grains a. CCI primers: µ=1008.8 fps (low and high: 998,1016) PF: 181.58 SD=7.0 b. Win primers: µ=999 fps (low and high: 970,1014) PF: 179.8 SD=17.4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. VV 340 1. 5.0 grains a. CCI primers: µ=842.8 fps (low and high: 808,874) PF: 151.71 SD=28.7 b. Win primers: µ=865.6 fps (low and high: 853, 873) PF: 155.81 SD=8.8 2. 5.3 grains a. CCI primers: µ=938.4 fps (low and high: 912, 952) PF: 168.9 SD=15.9 b. Win primers: µ=927.4 (low and high: 919, 947) PF: 166.9 SD=11.4 3. 5.6 grains a. CCI primers: µ=989.8 fps (low and high: 968,1011) PF: 178.16 SD=14.4 b. Win primers: µ=994.33 (low and high: 983,1014) PF: 179.0 SD=11.3 Misc notes and comments: Primer comparison: With TG lots, CCI primers averages were +33, +2, +9 fps faster than Winchester primers. With VV340 lots: Win primers averages were +23, +11, +4 fps faster than CCI primers The sample sizes of 5-10 rounds per recipe are too small IMO to make any sweeping conclusions about primer differences in velocity or consistency. Titegroup is a flake powder and wanted to cling to my scale. VV340 is cylindrical and showed no clinging. I suspect that the VV340 meters more consistently than TG. I shot from a benchrest at 65 feet. I did not see a significant group difference between the powders. I want to say VV was tighter, but it was not a dramatic difference between any of the 4 lighter loads. With both VV and TG, the hottest loads did start to spray compared to the 4 lighter loads. I left a few rounds of the middle loads to compare VV340 vs TG. It was only about 4 rounds of each. I can't tell you which was "softer" or "snappier" by feel. I'd need to have many more rounds or be a better shooter. Ideally, I'd attach an accelerometer and get hard data. Maybe someday.
  4. dspring

    In a bind

    First of all THANK YOU for the great deal of information made available on this forum, very helpful for people like me. I am a prudent reloader, but not an expert one. Have been loading 9mm for a few years but recently I have encountered a new problem related to making PF in CCP. I have, on the personal recommendation from the owner of BBI, tried Ramshot Competition which, according to him, has a "much better recoil impulse" than the powder I am used to, Titegroup. The recipe was 135gr BBI, 3.8gr of Ramshot, and OAL 1.100 My average velocity was 913.7 which does not make PF, and this was shot with an SP01, outside temperature of 64. 910.8 916.6 947 898 929.2 880.7 Incidentally, I am also concerned about the spread, which seems to way higher than what I get with TG. It is a nice load, recoil seemed very linear but I need to make PF. Also, why the spread? Do you please have a recipe with RSC does makes PF even in warmer temperatures (I am in Texas).
  5. Good morning everyone. I recently bough a Tanfoglio limited 40S&W. I will use it for USPSA. I have two size of bullets 180 and 200 gr. Bullets are coated from SNS casting. I use Hodgon Titegroup. I want to make them at a size of 1.15. With that bullet, powder and size what powder measurements do you recommend? I search for this but couldn't find it. I think this topic already exist here but i'm really bad searching. Thanks everyone for your support.
  6. Hey all... New reloader here and I'm hoping to get some advice and info from you seasoned veterans. I would like to shoot .40 Major Power Factor in the Limited Division when I start out. I got a really good deal on an SA XD(M) 5.25" Competition in .40 S&W, so I'm going to be using that. Nothing special done to the firearm. I will be running it as it came from the factory, with the factory 5.25" match barrel. Ok, I bought 500 once fired Federal brass (already cleaned and ready to go), 1000 Winchester Small Pistol primers, a pound of TiteGroup and 500 Hornady 180gr XTPHP bullets. I probably wouldn't have gone with that bullet choice after reading all of the info here first, but I purchased all of this at the same time I bought my reloading equipment (from the same place/site), so that is why I went with it, so that is what I have to reload for now. I will change to another type of bullet after I have loaded these 500 rounds. So, my question is, has anyone done any loading data with the above (or very similar) items for the XDM 5.25" in .40 for Major in Limited? Any suggestions, hints, ideas? I know from other threads here that TG runs hot and since summer is right around the corner, I may be trying to find some VV N320 locally. If I can find it and someone has run the same setup above but with N320, I would also love to hear that loading data as well because I may be using that for future use. I do prefer 180gr .40 bullets as I have always carried, qualified and used them for duty ammo, plus it is my understanding that using the heavier bullet with the faster burning powder (TG or N320) will produce a softer recoil for Major. So, I figure that is the way to go and makes sense. I also looked up the info on the Hodgdon website for TG and it gave me the following loading data info for Hornady 180gr XTP HP bullets, but I'm curious to hear from others that have run TG on an XDM 5.25" on what their loading data is/was. TiteGroup (Case: Hornady Twist 1:16" Primer: Winchester SP Barrel Length: 4" Trim Length: .845") Stating Load: Gr 4.2 Vel 877 fps Pressure 26,500 psi Max load: Gr 4.7 Vel 978 fps Pressure 33,300 psi Bullet Dia: .400" COL: 1.125" (I read that factory .40 S&W OAL is 1.120") Now my barrel is 5.25" and the above info says 4" barrel, so I don't know if that would affect the COL info, amount of grains and/or pressure or not on the loads for my XDM. That is why I am asking. Again, better to be safe than sorry and thus the reason for this post. I checked the VV website for load data on the N320 and it had no load data for HP bullets (not for N320, it did for N340). Soooo, I wouldn't even know where to start. However, here is their info for N320 on Fiocchi 180gr LTC (Lead Truncated Cone?) bullets: N320 (Case: Remington Twist: 1:16" Primer: Small Pistol Test barrel: 5.5" Trim Length .843") Starting Load: Gr 3.5 Vel 883 fps Pressure Not Listed Max Load: Gr 4.1 Vel 968 fps Pressure Not Listed Bullet Dia: Not Listed COL: 1.126" So, I don't know how different of the loading data would be from the LTC bullets to the HP bullets for the N320. Again, any info on either of these loads would be truly appreciated as I'm trying to stick to either of these loads for this particular firearm for the time being. I'm not planning on loading anything until I get the info sorted out first. Plus, is there a better or certain OAL (Is that the same as COL above?) that I should run in the XDM 5.25" and how would that adjust/deviate the load data above? Thanks again for all the great info from everyone! Mat
  7. I am experimenting with Power Pistol. The top three are my normal load, 3.9gr TiteGroup using .356 Eggleston 115gr OAL 1.149. The bottom two are the same except using 5.0 gr Power Pistol. The Power Pistol primer pits are definitely bigger, maybe twice as much. No rim on the pits but definitely bigger. No question the brass is hitting the striker a lot harder. Too much? The weird thing is the kick didn't feel any different. I also noticed a bright white flash.
  8. I was curious if anyone else had a recipe to make minor power factor out of a glock 22 or 35 using titegroup, xtreme plated 180gr rnfp, and Winchester small pistol primers? I chrono'd some rounds and had to up the powder charge to 4.9gr of titegroup at 1.125 overall length to get it to make major pf out of a stock glock 22. Lyman's 49th states 4.7gr as the max charge. I inspected the cases afterwards and didn't see any signs of overpressure on the primer. Should I play with the overall length or put a little bit more crimp on the round to lower the powder charge below the recommended max. And if you have a load that uses 180gr xtreme rnfp and titegroup powder, please share if you don't mind. Thanks.
  9. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I've loaded Xtreme 200gr SWC over 4.9gr of TiteGroup @ 1.230" with great accuracy at 167 PF. I decided to try some Xtreme 200gr Plated RN @ 1.240" but have seen HUGE swings in velocity (+/-40 FPS), and random tumbling. I've tried 4.9gr (154.2 PF) of Titegroup up to 5.4gr to finally achieve an avg 827 FPS (165.4 PF), but the velocity swings are terrible and 5.4gr of TG is WAY too hot. I'm getting lead spirals on close targets, so I know the heat is vaporizing the lead. Any recommendations or suggestions for other powders and/or load data would be much appreciated. Notes: Large CCI pistol primers, I've tried crimping less/more. Firearm is a Springfield Loaded Target .45 government 1911. I shoot 180gr Plated RN .40 over 4.7gr of Titegroup @ 1.180" with +/- 15 FPS velocities. Thanks in advance.
  10. Range: Indoor Gun: SA XDM 9mm 3.8 Full-Size Brass: Blazer Bullet: Eggleston coated lead Average wt: 113 gr Bullet diameter 0.356 Bullet Length: 0.572 Powder: TiteGroup Powder amount: 3.9 gr COAL: 1.159 in 1078 1071 1080 1075 1090 1083 1079 1078 1070 1069 Average: 1090 SD: 6.1 ES: 21 Average PF: 123 Range: Indoor Gun: SA XDM 9mm 3.8 Full-Size Brass: Blazer Bullet: Eggleston coated lead Average wt: 113 gr Bullet diameter 0.356 Bullet Length: 0.572 Powder: TiteGroup Powder amount: 4.1 gr COAL: 1.159 in 1100 1106 1107 1132 1119 1128 1102 1112 1111 1103 Average: 1132 SD: 10.4 ES: 32 Average PF: 128 The numbers don't look much different, but the feel was radically different. The 4.1 gr was right snappy for unknown reasons.
  11. Took my brand-new Caldwell Chronograph to the range for the first time and shot 50 rounds of various loads through it. The Caldwell survived its trial by fire without a scratch, although I am saddened to report it has taken to strong drink to keep the nightmares at bay. I'd like to post all the data in a legible format, but the forum software keeps crushing the formatting, so I will just post the results: SA XDM 9mm 3.8 Full-size, 115gr Hornady FMJ, .355, OAL 1.151, TiteGroup 4.1: Avg:1091, SD 20.1, ES 68,PF 125 SA XDM 9mm 3.8 Full-size,Bayou Bullets 115gr coated, .356, OAL 1.161, TiteGroup 3.9 gr: Avg:1037, SD 7.0, ES 23, PF 115 SA XDM 9mm 3.8 Full-size,Bayou Bullets 115gr coated, .356,OAL 1.161, TiteGroup 4,1 gr: Avg:1080, SD 11,2, ES 37, PF 124 Hmm, only Blazer brass was used. Don't really know how to interpret the data, although AFAIK it shows I'm within safe parameters. For comparison purposes I shot some Blazer 115gr FMJ plinking rounds and some Federal Champion 115gr JHP self-defense rounds. I was considerably bemused to discover the JHP's had a detectably greater kick despite having the lowest average velocity. (Increased air resistance caused by air being rammed into the hollow points?) Blazer 115gr FMJ, .355: Avg:1117, SD 33.7, EX 107, PF !28 Federal Champion JHP, .355: Avg:964, SD 7.5 ES 24, PF 111
  12. So recently I purchased some HST pulled bullets and decided to have a quick stab at getting a practice load figured out to match the factory load. Here's what I came up with. Temperature 45 degrees fahrenheit 124g HST bullet, Titegroup powder, CCI 500 SPP, 1.100" COAL, 3" barrel Sig P938 3.8g Err, 970, 971, 977, 960, 974, 959 4.0g 1005, 998, 987, 998, 1009, 995, 1001 4.3g 1028, 1059, 1059, 1061, 1064, 1058, 1062 Very happy with the results of 4.3g and just barely started to get some primer flattening. 4.3g is listed as max load with a COAL of 1.120" in my Nosler book. DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT CAREFULLY WATCHING FOR PRESSURE SIGNS!!!!! START AT 3.8G OF TITEGROUP AND WORK YOUR WAY UP PLEASE!!!!!
  13. Just getting a M&P 40 pro to use in limited. I do my own loading and up to this point have not loaded any 40cal so i am looking for a little help from some proven reloads. First bullet weight. I see a bunch of back and forth between the 180r and the 200r. Coming from 9mm I prefer the heavy 147 over all others. So, is the recoil effect from the heavier bullets the same in 40 as it is in 9mm? I am guessing that it is and I would like to try the 200gr FP Bayou bullet out but hate to buy things that don't work. Update...I have purchased the 200r so I will build a load on that, but the question still remains. Second is powder, currently I have a few selections but really like the way titegroup burns in my 9mm and see there are a lot of people that use it in their 40's as well. so, looking for a proven load to make around 170PF. I am going to start about 4.5gr and chrono that to see what i get. Third is OAL, I like to run my reloads as long as is permitted by the gun. Any lengths that the M&P 40Pro doesn't like? I am thinking of starting at 1.150 and move out from there. I see several using 1.170 but not sure what the M&P 40 magazine will handle as I haven't received the gun from the FFL. Thanks in advance for any information.
  14. Just getting a M&P 40 pro to use in limited. I do my own loading and up to this point have not loaded any 40cal so i am looking for a little help. First bullet weight, I see a bunch of back and forth on this and coming from 9mm I love the heavy 147 over all others. Question, is the recoil effect from the heavier bullets the same in 40 as it is in 9mm? I would like to try the 200gr FP Bayou bullet out but hate to buy things that don't work. Second is powder, currently I have a few selections but really like the way titegroup burns in my 9mm and see there are a lot of people that use it in their 40's as well. Third is OAL, I like to run my reloads as long as is permitted by the gun. Any lengths that the M&P doesn't like?
  15. I am working on some new loads using 9mm 147gr lead and using Titegroup. It is going well and right now loading for a Sig 226 and it likes longer OAL 1.160 to 1.165. Using Lyman 49th as a starting point the last load I chronographed was 2.7gr @ 1.160 Oal (827 PF) and shoots well but is under power factor trying to obtain 125,000. The load data in Lyman is 2.5grs to max 2.8grs and this is at OAL 1.058 which for my guns is really short. I am going to give 2.8grs a try but at 1.160 oal I don't think it will still make PF. So my question after all this is since the load data is 2.5 to 2.8 oal 1.058 I should be able to bump the max load a little using 1.160 I would think but wonder what or maybe how a max load for 1.160 is figured if possible to up max safely. Thank You
  16. Hey everyone! I need some help, and figure someone here may have had the same issues I have had. About a year and a half ago, I went to my first local ipsc match at my friends suggestion. It's an indoor match which is great as it gets cold around here over the winter. This is kind of a long story, so if you want to skip to the part where I need help, start at paragraph 3. Anyway, i shot my first stage and did horrible. when the results were sent out, it showed I shot 14th out of 15 production shooters on that stage. After that stage, an older gentleman came up and started talking to me about ammo. When I told him I was shooting 115 grains, he hands me a mag or two worth of his ammo, and tells me to try his on the next stage. It was incredible, the bullets where hitting exactly where the dot of my front sight were pointed, and the transitions between targets (gradually getting farther away) were super quick. but the best part was that the slide was the only thing that moved. It just looked like the sights were getting closer, then moving back forward. It was like shooting a .22 out of a 9mm gun. We got to talking and he told me he's a grand master, and has been using this load a long time. He tells me it's a 147 grain bullet over 3.2 grains of titegroup. he didn't have info on the length, and said to measure the ones I had left over. I only had 1 left over, so tried that, but the gun bucked like crazy, which I then tracked down to too much crimp, which was swaging the base of the bullet. A few matches later, I ran into him again, and he gave me a few more rounds to measure. and said I may have to jump the powder up to 3.3 grains. well, two rounds were at 1.133 coal, and another at 1.126 coal. I've been chasing this load down for well over a year, and just can't hone in on it. here is the data from the bullets I pulled: coal 1.126 bullet: berrys 146.9 case w/ charge and primer: 64.5 grains crimp: .377 at case mouth case weight: 61.4 grains powder weight: 3.0 grains after settling. started at 3.2 then dropped to 3.1 then settled at 3.0 the powder did look like titegroup. coal: 1.133 berrys 145.7 case w/ charge and primer: 64.8 grains crimp: .377 at case mouth case weight:61.7 grains powder weight: 3.0 grains again, looked like titegroup Since then, i've tried every conceivable length, and still can't find that load. I've tried 1.100 1.110, 1.120, 1.130, 1.140, 1.150 but they all seem to have too much recoil to be the same load. last week at the range, I tried dropping grains, all the way down to 2.3 grains of titegroup, 1.126, but that load still had more recoil (though very light) and kind of bucked the gun again. I just don't know what to try now. It looked like the gm was shooting an m&p or a glock. I shoot a bersa thunder 9 pro, w/ 4.25 inch barrel, with polygonal rifling. in the meantime while waiting for berrys, I have also been shooting a lot of lead, and just cleaning out the barrel well, between range visits.
  17. I made it out to the range today and did some chronograph runs. For some reason the chronograph wasn't picking up every shot so I'll just post a summary. If anyone wants to see the specifics for any of the loads I'll gladly post it. All bullets were Blue Bullet 125g and all were loaded to 1.135 OAL. Accuracy test: They all hit the berm behind the chrono . I was just testing to see if they would make USPSA Production minor power factor. All rounds were shot using S&W M&P Pro 9mm with factory barrel. Red Dot (3.8g) Avg velocity: 1058 Std Dev: 8.2 Avg PF: 132 (I liked the feel of this load shooting a few rounds off hand after doing chronograph run) 800-X (4.5g) Avg velocity: 946 Std Dev: 25.2! Avg PF: 118 Not sure what was going on with this powder. Velocities ranged from 900 to 974. I guess my RCBS chargemaster did not dispense it very consistently. Bullseye (3.9g) Avg velocity: 1072 Std Dev: 11.8 Avg PF: 134 Titegroup (3.9g) Avg velocity: 1076 Std Dev: 18.2 Avg PF: 134
  18. So, I've used up the last of my stash of VV N320. I am switching loads and I have the following in my stash. Which one do you think I should use to develop my new .40 S&W load, 180 gr RNFP Extreme bullet, shooting Production Division only out of a basically stock Glock 35? If you can add some thoughts about your vote, I would appreciate it!
  19. I just got some 147 gr coated lead flat point bullets from Precision. I know Titegroup isn't the best powder, but I've got like 10lbs of it, so I wanted to give it a shot. The loads I tested today were based on Lyman's loading manual. It lists a 147gr lead bullet backed by 2.5gr of Titegroup at 1.058" OAL making 870fps out of a 4" test barrel. They list the max load as 2.8gr at 943fps. Well, I loaded 20 rounds each of 147gr Precisions over 2.5gr and 2.7gr of Titegroup at 1.13" OAL. Out of my 5"-barreled X5, they gave me the following: 9mm 147gr LFP bullet (average weight of 10 randomly chosen bullets = 148.1gr) Federal #100 small pistol primers Mixed brass OAL = 1.13" Cloudy with a little drizzle, 87 deg F 2.5gr Titegroup Hi: 793 Lo: 740 Av: 775 SD: 14 PF: 114 2.7gr Titegroup Hi: 895 Lo: 752 Av: 804 SD: 28 PF: 119 I'm guessing that the majority of the difference between my loads and the Lyman data is OAL. The powder charge and bullet weights are the same, and my barrel is 1" longer, which I would think should give me more velocity. I'd like to get to 130-135 PF, but I'm not sure which will be the best way to increase velocity - increasing the powder charge or shortening the OAL. I planned to experiment with both. I didn't see any primer flattening at 2.7 gr, so I was thinking of leaving the OAL at 1.13" and increasing the charge weight to 2.9gr. Maybe more if I don't see any high pressure signs. But I also worry that too much hot, fast powder could start leading up the barrel. I was also going to test 2.5gr again, but make up some batches at 1.12", 1.11", and 1.10" OAL. The profile of the Precision just contacts the rifling at 1.14", which is why I went with 1.13" to start. I suppose if I get close to PF with one of the shorter OALs, then I could try bumping the powder a few tenths of a grain to see if the SD might improve. Any ideas on which approach would yield better results?
  20. Reliability and consistency are the 2 most important criteria followed by reduced felt recoil produced by the powder/bullet combo and finally I need enough accuracy to shoot a 6inch to man sized target 20-25 yards freehand (IDPA). As long as total cost per round stays somewhere below .20cents around. Reduced noise and muzzle flash and temperature (cold) resistant powders (falls under reliability) are bonuses I'd be willing to pay more for. Constant Variables: -I plan on using 124gr Montana Gold CMJ (which I believe are electroplated). That is about the best I can find as far as bullets go that are IN STOCK. -I run a Glock G34 with 14lb recoil spring -Dillion 650 press -Federal Small Pistol Primers (have 7k of them left) -Brass Casings I am considering ordering Precision Delta 124gr JHP. This is since Hollow Points are said to be "more accurate" due to the uniform base, and center of gravity = more stability. These are on Backorder but are $20 cheaper than the MG I ordered ($90 vs $110) So Which Powder??? Will it be OK to use a faster burning powder due to the plated rounds. Another reason I'm considering the Precision Deltas JHPs on backorder. So far I've narrowed it down to -Titegroup -Solo 1000 -VV 320 -VV 340 (I had bad experience with Winchester WSF nothing against Winchester I just have a bad taste in my mouth from my previous experience would like to try something different) Really leaning heavily towards the VV320. Should I consider the 340 with the Montana Gold CMJ?
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