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  1. 1.025 is my OAL. I didn’t adjust my dies from the115 grain fmj Montana Golds I had been using. I run an EGW under size de-capping die. No issues so far.
  2. Yes, I am running 95 grain Montana Golds at about 1500 FPS. It is putting them in a ragged hole at 25 yards, and really not much bigger at 50. This setup is light years better than my 5.5” comped, sleeved barrel. It crazy flat. I have a few ideas I am going to develop this winter, by spring I will have the ultimate pcc blaster! I have not had time to mess with the guard. I will be getting back to it in October.
  3. I had a few mags swell after quite a bit of use. They would drop free when I first acquired them. I threw them in a milling machine and thinned them down a little. Probably several 5 gallon buckets of ammo later, they are still working great.
  4. Works for me. My friend who shot the video has laser envy.
  5. Hope to shoot some video later today.
  6. The popple hole barrel is a spinta I purchased on sale last year. The pic above is a generic barrel that I chopped and threaded, then designed my own comp. I tig welded a sleeve to that and did a pin and weld.
  7. .215”, and 115 grain billet. ?
  8. I made the mistake of wrapping my thumb over the “exhaust port” once. Very uncomfortable, made my thumb black, but everything was still intact. Not going to do that again.
  9. Home made iPhone X case to prove it.?
  10. My home made laser. I got sick of my purchased lasers losing zero and the batteries going dead. This is a very rough prototype. It looks like hell, but it works great.
  11. Going to machine a hole in it and put one of these on.
  12. I didn’t get to put a lot of rounds through it. It seemed to flatten it out. Recoil was roughly the same.
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