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  1. Thanks for the input, yes I am shooting major. Using 125 blue bullets over 6.7 if WAC, with Winchester small pistol primers. Power factor is 173. Using a CK arms 2011, no popple holes
  2. I have been shooting 125 grain blue bullets for about two years now will great results. I have recently started to consider the 115's, to tame the recoil a bit and hopefully make the gun shoot flatter. I have ordered a 250 round sample pack to test them out. I am would like to know if anyone has experience with the 115's and could give me some imput and advise with this bullet.
  3. Send it back they have great customer service.
  4. You will get all kinds of answers on here. I bought a CK solution gun for open and added the options I wanted to it. I was quoted 90 days to finish the gun with the options I ordered. It arrived at my dealer in 45 days. CK makes there own frames. I have not had any issue with the gun. But I did have issues with mag's. Bought MBX mag's, problem solved. Mine is 9 major, it's cheaper to shoot and there is lots of Data out there if you look for it. Hope this helps
  5. Please read!!! Just order the MBX mags you will save your self a lot headache's. I tried to build my own, and after months of problems. I finally have a gun that runs 100%. You will end up spending twice the amount of money because you will end up buy mbx mags. Buy MBX you won't regret it!
  6. I just wanted to add my two cents worth and say I have a CK open solution built in which I added the options I wanted and it was affordable for me. I love shoot open, but I am a teacher. So I have a low budget. My CK has been great! Runs perfectly. I recently finish 4th over all at the Black Steel match and finished 6th at Quantico's USPSA match. That is the highest I have ever finished in a match. I think my CK works well for me.
  7. I have a CK, with no poppel hole, 6.7 grns of wac, under a 125 grn blue bullet. pF of 173. Bobby, says a 172 power factor makes the comp work.
  8. Update, I shot my first steel challenge and I finished five stage's with 88 seconds
  9. Sixty seven bucks, it was four years old
  10. I just got the sight in the mail it looks brand new.
  11. I am getting my 4 year old cmore sight back soon. It had a crack in the body and would not hold its zero. Thanks lady I spoke to say they did a rebody. Which onbviously means the body was replaced. My question is what else was replaced, it hopefully will be like a new sight. Great customer service, the repair was sitting seven bucks.
  12. I bought a CK, it took 45 day. It works for me!
  13. Eight inch ci Eight inch circle steel plate
  14. I will work on the pic, later. The stingers were a test. I also shoot Winchester, federal and Remington. All function Ed flawlessly.
  15. Thanks for the input, first trip to the range was a success. Love the comp, I shot some CCI stingers and there was no dot movement. After getting it sighted in I consistently hit an eighth inch steel plate at 50 yards.
  16. I just bought a mark IV 22/45. I have put an SJC comp on the gun and installed a c more sight. I built this gun as a practice pistol for my open gun. (It's a CK arm gun). I want to shoot steel challenge and practice with it. I am headed to the range tomorrow, for the guns first trip. Any suggestions for r other mods, it's bone stock. Except for the addition i mentioned. It won't let me upload a pic. It says the image is too big
  17. That is normal for my cmore
  18. After a couple of match's my zero on my cmore start to drift. Is there an solution to this problem. I don't have much time during the week for practice and resighting the cmore. Any suggestions on getting it to hold it's zero.
  19. Qiuck question do any of you guys use the guide rod buffer on your open guns.
  20. They also make a magnet that attaches to you belt. That's what I have. It can be for on the Dawson percision website
  21. I just bought a CK an I have had it about two months so far. Works great, had a few issues they were all mag related. Buy MBX mags and you will have no problems
  22. What was the mag problem
  23. I have a small problem, my open gun that has a cmore slide ride mounting. Once every so often an empty case does not full eject and get caught between the mount and ejection port. What causes this and how do I fix It. It doesn't happen often and is easy to clean. I just want to fix it
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