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  1. CR Speed WSM2 with some minimal mods works. I will post pics when I get finished with mine.
  2. I have it on Mine. I will try get some pics posted up.
  3. My RIA TAC 40 arrives back today from Hayes Customs. I didn't go all out with the HCG package, I just went with the reliability & Race Ready packages. When it arrives I will post some pics and my first impressions.
  4. JDJ2810

    Barrel Fitment

    Doesnt look like a bad barrel. Interested to see how it works out for ya. I’d have to go back and look at the threaded barrel in my 19. I don’t remember the brand.
  5. JDJ2810

    Barrel Fitment

    What Brand Barrel?
  6. I will definatley be looking into them.
  7. That is definitely a worth while read. Lots of information to digest. I am not setup for reloading but it has been added to the list of things to add to my garage workshop.
  8. ChuckS I will check that out today.
  9. It’s something I am definitely gonna work through. I love the process.
  10. Ran 40 rounds through the pistol tonight. Used some Blazer Brass 180gr. It ran flawlessly. Still need to sight everything in. Looking at reloading setups. Want to work up the best round possible.
  11. Awesome Info. I will be looking into this myself for both my Limited and Open pistols. I am not setup for reloading yet and need to find a consistent supplier of ammo I dont have to second guess.
  12. Exactly. I was looking at an CK 2011 Open pistol. Not affraid to spend the money at all. Wife says I have to many toys. I say you never have to many. The glock was a deal so I bought it. It will be a fun way to get back into it. The RIA Tac Ultra 40 was a impulse buy while talking to a friend who is shooting Limited now. Me not being one to leave well enough alone I sent it to Hayes Customs the day after I picked it up LOL.
  13. He said he had the pistol setup to run factory ammo. I will be working with the run to find the best ammo that makes major PF and runs reliably. I planned to to dive into Limited at first. Bought a RIA Tac Ultra 40. Sent it to Hayes Custom for his race ready package. 6 week wait so I came across the G22 and decided to purchase.
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